• Get yourself a man who knows how to give you a full-body, TWO HOUR MASSAGE, and make sure he gives you one, every single night, before you go to sleep. You KNOW how to get a man to do what you want him to do, right? +5
  • How did it happen..did you over exercise??? A good soak in a hot tub might feel good, or a hot bath.... A massage from a skilled or slow stretches...... Hope ya feel better...
  • smoke weed it weed take away any muscle pain
  • Take a bath in epsom salt. You can put heat on it too.
  • Touch your toes .
  • you could hang your hands. it would stretch out your back and thigh muscles. hang from a ledge. let your legs dangle. you could get out of your chair and go for a walk...out of the house around the block and back.
  • Put any thing hot or (warm) on your back .I hope you will get well soon oXoGINAoXo-WishesYouWouldTearMeApart ;D.
  • Time will fix that. If you can't wait, get a massage.
  • I'd suggest a warm oil massage to start ... Followed by a WARM shower ..... Then; soak for about 20 minutes in a litght warm tub of water with Epson Salts .... Lay down afterwards maybe with light meditiation music and you should be fully relaxed and feling well when you awake ... +5
  • go for a hill run. that should work the lactic acid out of your awesome ass =)
  • This always works for me for sever lower back pain. Lay on your back in a doorway that is comfy and you can relax in. Let's say start with your right side slide over to the door jamb so it is even roughly with your hip. Raise your right leg straight up and rest it on the door frame. The important part and often the hardest is to have your lower back flat on the floor and your left leg straight. What you are trying to do is release the muscles in your back and your ham strings. Try and relax using no effort other than to belly breathe into your lower back. I lay there of 10 - 15 mins then slide over and do the left side. Do this 2 x's a day until you see improvement over at least 3-4 day period. If you are really flexible slide your but further past the door frame for more of a stretch.
  • Sit in a bath of water as hot as you can stand for a while and take 600-800mg of ibuprofen.
  • rest ice massage 1st 24 hours than the heat... and this pictured will help things along, liquid legal pain relief ! +5
  • Streeeetch A lot It will probably kill to do it, but it's what needs to be done so you muscles aren't so tight

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