• damn. i know the perfect way to get water out of your ear. works for everyone and is absolutely bullet proof. its hard to explain though. stand up, put your head between your knees, and face your ear that has the water in it to the ground. than jump up and down like that. and each time you land try and put your head further between your knees. works like a charm.
  • i have found a little hydrogen peroxide bubbles it out. +5
  • what have you tried??? :-/
  • i shake my head back and forth really fast for a long time till it comes out, but if it still dosnt work lay on the floor or a bed or a couch on your left side so your left ear is faceing down, and if that isnt seeming to work then try to sleep on your left side. good luck, i hate when i get water in my ears
  • Heh! I just answered this a day or two ago! Take a look here:
  • I can no longer swim under water because of that problem. My doctor thinks it's because I have wax build up way down in my ear (as do most people) and once the water mixes with it, the wax gets softer. So there is no water to come out. The best solution for ME is to put a few drops of olive oil or rubbing alcohol in my ear and then lay on a hot water bottle. This melts the wax and it will come running out slowly.

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