• I don't really like the hair on my stomach around my navel, so I shave that when I shave.
  • My face - I hate shaving.
  • i have hair growing in my butt crack and around my anus, i trim it the best i can but it's not easy to do this one yourself
  • Inside my ears. It starts happening to most men after turning 35. I keep a pair of tweezers on my night bed, and I start removing them almost every night while watching TV. The other area: Inside my nose. That's were I have the only white hair I have in my body! I remove it because it looks like if I have a dirty nose, but it is only white hair, not mucus!
  • I have it on my toes...yuk for a girl...I was wanting it to grow on my feet soles, like Hobbits.
  • I am Italian..need I say more??
  • mine are probably strangest. on my butt cheeks!!! don't know wat to do about them. (also have hair on my chin and lower back that i really despise apart from those on my navel and chest). i'm a female ppl and yea i know!!! i'm really hairy!!! LOL
  • Two little hairs on my big toe sometimes and two on the back of my leg behind my knee.Not a big problem though.
  • Down 'there'.
  • I hate all my hair... except when I lost it involuntarily.
  • In my neck and ears, light hair but surely iterating at stages, then around the anal area and sometimes down "there" as well. LOL
  • my stomach, after i had my son it was horrible, it went light again then i had surgery and they of course shaved from my stomach to down "there and now i am hairy on my tummy and have to shave it. GRRRR
  • I have hair everywhere... not nice. I shave my arms, legs, and underarms, but I've started my laser hair removal... yaaay!
  • haha yeah my pits, you just shave the little swines
  • nose, ears, eyebrows, mustache, hairlip, back , knuckles...and id appreciate it if youd do something about it...i cant stand looking at you anymore
  • right in between my eyebrows.
  • I have a unibrow. But unless I say it people never notice, because I religiously remove most of my eyebrows and paint them on. Most people can tell its painted on but they don't know that it's naturally this bushy ugmo thing. Sometimes the middle gets irritated especially when I'm in a hurry but people never ask and I won't say unless they do. I haven't seen my unibrow in YEARS, and that's how I want it to stay.
  • in my ass. i hate it when shit get stuck there and you have to use half the roll to get rid of it and then some moist toweletts.
  • i have hairs on my toes - which i hate, but just shave them yuk they look horrid!
  • Every now and then I get this thick hair that pops up out of no where on my chin. I pluck it and it's gone for a few months and then it grows back.
  • Yes, and it is migrating from where I want it to grow!!! Should think of a boarder fence?
  • yes but who cares, people feel self conciuos about it but really more people than you think have it so y care?? i meen obviously hairy legs are mingin but still..people should get over it
  • arms, legs, pits, belly, nipples, toes, fingers, one on chin and butt cheek, all over 'down there' tash, brows.. more than likely on back, scared to look as nothing i could do. part italian too but only the dark hairs and not the skin...white skin and dark hais. i hate it! :(
  • lower back, upper back, all over legs, feet, toes, fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, stomach (happy trail is REAL dark), chest, nipples, cheeks, forehead upper lip. and finally my bum, around my anus(really dark) and like an extended bikini line. I've got PCOS, it's mild but the hirsutism is crazy severe! talk about hairy lady. I'd love some advice for hair removal around my anus that I could do myself and lasts a long time. I can handle everything else (bleaching, shaving, waxing, threading, pumice stones, laser treatment, hair removal cream, and then tweezers to prevent that monobrow lol)
  • No ,im a natural blonde so my body hair is light and i dont get much of it, under my arms im lucky if a get 6 lol i hardly ever have to shave.
  • Story of my life.I dream of the day i won't have to think about body hair EVER again.But my greek genes insist on making me a hairy beast.I particularly hate the hair on my arms.(legs,bikini and armpits i wax since i was 13)DAMN GENES!!!!

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