• Yes, I do.
  • Nope he supports everything I oppose Abortion on demand, Socializing or Communizing Medicine & a great many other bad things. He has also said a great many racist things and is associated with known Criminal. But he is from Chicago no surprise there.
  • I'm sure that has some to do with it, not for everyone of course. I seriously doubt those with skin-coloured-hostility for President Obama would admit to that. :)
  • No, I really don't. I think most people are beyond such trivial distinctions. Of course, there are some, but I think they are a very small minority. I think it is party opposition not racial opposition.
  • those who hate will hate him, regardless of whether the president did too much or too little, whether he helped or hurt, whether he was black or white. those who hate find a reason to attach their hatred to, rationally or irrationally. god will look at our hearts, not the # of words we've memorized from the bible.
  • and do you think that there was so much opposition to W's presidency simply b/c he is white? NO. People disagreed with his policies. Thats how it is with Obama. People really need to get over the race card already and start understanding that we look at character not color.
  • No, I don't. There is certainly a racist element to some of his opposition (just look at the YouTube videos of Palin rallies). But the main problem for the NeoCons/GOP/Right Wing Echo Chamber is that they have NOTHING else to sell. Their foreign policies led to two endless pointless wars. Their domestic policies led to the worst recession in 60 years. In truth, the government is not coming to take our guns away. In truth, religion is about as robust in American life as it has ever been. In truth, toleration and acceptance of gays is probably irreversible (IOWA legalized gay marriage, fer chrissake!) In truth, abortion is legal, will remain legal, and abolishing it would be the death of the Republican Party. So, without salient ideas on foreign or domestic policy, and with fewer and fewer people buying the "Guns, God, Gays, and Abortion" rhetoric, what can the NeoCons/GOP/Right Wing Echo Chamber offer? Basically, all they're left with is "Obama is Marxist Socialist Communist Nazi Muslim Kenyan..." . . .
  • Here's a concept. Someone disagrees with you not because they are a bigot, not because they are ignorant, not because they are "neocon", not because they are astroturf, not because they are christian, not because they are mobsters, not becasue they are rednecks, not because they are nazis, not because they are bitter, not because they are frightened, not because they don't want to see change. The reason for the opposition is that he and you are wrong. Unless you ever learn to respect the rights of those who disagree with you, you will never be mature enough to work toward consensus and that applies to every damn politician. How about this inconvenient truth... There is the Healthy Americans Act that has bipartisan sponsorship and has been worked on for two years in the senate. The CBO has predicted it to be budget neutral by 2014, not 10 trillion in the hole. No need for a 'public option'. It would require congressmen and senators to have the same health care plan rules as the population and Obama said he supported 90% of The Health American Act. Yet the drive has been to let the radical Pelosi steer the direction and squealch debate, demand and threaten that there can be no health bill without a public option. Pelosi seems to think that bipartisan means convincing the other side they are wrong, without nedd for reaching consensus. For some reason it's been important to chase a 1,000+ plus page document that a lawyer has described as being too hard to read and understand it's content because it's disorganized and poorly written. No wonder Pelosi told the fresmen congressmen to not bother reading it, just sign.
  • Well it would seem that the only ones that keep harping on the fact that Obama is a "BLACK" president, are the Lefties, so perhaps it is Liberals who are the most concerned about having a black president. The rest of us that value freedom, value our constitution and despise lying Marxists, dislike his communistic tendencies and his ridiculous policies. We also dislike his dozens of Czars that are telling him what to do. We didn't elect them, yet they have more power then he does it would seem. And several of them are self admitted communists also. Americans that love their country are very alarmed, as well they should be. Or how about a 9 trillion dollar deficit. That alone is bad enough. Obama is a failure and needs to goooo.
  • i simply think your question is simply 'shallow' shallow as those who have nothing else to blame but race or yell 'racism'...yuk!!!!
  • There are always going to be racists, but I don't think the majority of people who oppose Obama's programs are racists, and I think playing the race card towards them when many of them have reasonable concerns about his policies is unfair and puerile. Like AB user Shatzee said, did everyone who opposed W do so because he was white? Sure, there may have been some who did, but most of us were not racially motivated. Also, how do you account for blacks who are opposed to Obama? I know quite a few in person, and they certainly don't base their opposition on race. EDIT: I noticed in your question that you mention Neocons specifically. Have you considered the countless libertarians, anarchists, liberals, and conservatives who oppose Obama as well?
  • No, I think much of their opposition is because he is not John McCain. In other words, I think they'd oppose any Democrat who had been elected last year.
  • To a few people I would say yes....there are those, ( and I know a few of them ), who hate Obama mostly because of his race.
  • Of course none of them will openly admit it. Keep in mind though that is just the icing on the cake for a more bitter hatered. The true test would be how well they treated a black repulican president. It's mostly that Obama is a democrat... if Bush or McCain had come out with the EXACT same programs, the neocons probably would have been all for it.
  • Absolutely not. When the Obamabots cannot handle criticism of their idol, they immediately resort to name-calling and race-baiting. It is not working anymore. Whenever The Anointed One goes off the teleprompter he lets things out of his mouth that are in his true socialist agenda. We now know that he hates cops. He wants to eliminate all reward for expanding business and creating jobs and spread the stolen proceeds to pay off his nonworking constituency. His cabinet is a bunch of tax cheats; to the tune of 35000 for his treasury secretary alone. Had that been a republican administration people would be in prison. He lies and says he does not want to run GM yet he delights in visiting the mayor of Detroit to assure what GM and Chrysler facilities will not be allowed to move to the suburbs. His hacks have all the power to close profitable dealerships and subsidize money-losing ones that ever so coincidentally contributed to his campaign. Just wait until he takes the power of life or death with a govt health monopoly. In total disregard to what a historical quagmire is Afghanistan, he announces to the world that he is escalating the conflict, leading to the bloodiest months in the history of the war on terror (ever heard of tact?). 1.6 trillion is spent or slated to be spent on pork, and no one knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody who has a "stimulus" job. Money down the drain. Where is the "race" part in any of that?
  • Underlying? No. The fact that they lost the last election period, despite all of their back biting- yes. Being a mulatto is just icing on the cake for them.
  • Here is a new study that shows that the opposition to Obama is ideological rather than racist ( Note this is a study that was conducted by a Democrat organization.
  • No, I don't care if he's all the colors of the rainbow. I just don't agree with his values and political views. Did liberal black people not vote for McCain because he's white? Probably.
  • No, I think its from lack of experience and radical programs. The fact is that even his strongest supporters are now starting to see what the rest of us saw from the start. His programs are not a reality, but instead a fantasy that many people want to be a reality. Now the are forced to see the error of their ways. To say that race is the reason is simply wrong, for if race was such a big issue do you think he would have won the election. What happened to the claims of no new spending? Well these programs he has proposed are all new spending, so now many of his supporters feel betrayed.

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