• Well with kids you have to act like its the best food on the plate lol act like you really relish them while you eat them... doesn't always work but it's wotk a shot.
  • Cut them up really fancy - like decorative/ fruit art and them present them on a fresh white plate - ANYTHING looks good on a white plate! :) Hope that helps!
  • make smoothies
  • Scare them with the possibilities are if they don't. Like poor eyesight and dying.
  • 1) the Farm bill directs money and subsidies to wheat, corn and soy. That's why sugar (corn syrup based) products are cheaper and easier to obtain. Any subsidies - which by the way is not free market at all, its state intervention to lower cost at taxpayer expense to for profit corporations. But for the growers of fruits and vegtables? Whatever your feelings on that, the fact remains that the same subsidies are not given to farmers who gorw fruits and vegetables. Lowring the price of healthy food is a sensible way to encourage people to eat, correct? Why does a soda cost 1.00 but an apple or some aspaagus cost more? Those subsidies cause the companies to produce the products cheaper, and they are main ingrdients in things from bread to ice tea. It's cheaper to produce corn based sugar and other ingredients that make profit foods, but not the same for fruits and vegetables, nor is there any incentive to do so. Ok - maybe cut up carrots and charge 3x the price, or wash lettuce and sell it like that for 3x the cost - but not mmany mor ways to make increased profit. High cost restricts the eating of this food to those in population with more disposable income - not the poor or those near the poverty line (over 25& of the US working adults as of 1998 - and worse today), who just happen to eat the least amount of fruits and vegtables. 2)Availibility: As in there are noticible differences in the supermarkets in affluent areas with those in poor communities. In fact, in some ghettos - or should we call them reservations - and close to them, many of the shops and markets don't stock frsh fruits or vegtables at all. If they do, the selection is dismal, to say the least. Is it a coincidence that all over the country this is the case? The fact that sweets, snacks and other unhealthy foods are offered in place of healthy choices? Many complain that healthy food is unavailable and the shop owners say then shop elsewehere. Well, that's not possible for many in that situation - they simpy don't have the option of going elsewhere. How does a mother with two children abondoned by her bf who has to work 2 jobs go here and there and accomplish all these things? That's the reality for numerous people, even those who are married and not seperatd. 3) School lunch: This is one of he biggest issues that parents should be concerned with. Fast food is the menu with choices of: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, forzen pizza, beef patties, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and maybe overcooked green beans (small portion) and chocolat/strawberry or plain milk. Some schools offer a banana or orange - some and not all the time. What is available? soda, juice drinks (little juice), biscuits, cookies, crisps (potato chips), candy and other sugar basd eye candy. This is in both the school shops and the vending machines. True, some schools are better than others, but the majority differ little from the aforementioned. Does anyone really care how children eat? Hard to believe that is the case, as the facts speak for themselves. Oh, someone mentioned the cost of meat. Well that's interesting and Eric Schlosser deals with it (link below). The cost is lower than most countries, but not because of 'the invisible hand'. Nedless to say, the current farming practices are not sustainable and are destroying rivers and polluting with toxic runoff (antibiotic etc) in the manure dumps - literally huge dumps of manure. This also puts tremendous pressure on water resources, and it can't continue with the wharehouse farms in which thousands of animals live in crowed conditions, which is also a breding ground for disease. Cheap meat goes back to Prsident Nixon and his interefernce in the market and Schlosser speaks about that. You can blame consumers all you want, but unless you have the money and knowedge you have to choose what is available - hence unhealthy diets and people. Here are some interesting sources. I encourage you not to take my word for it and do your own research in addition to this, if you have an interst in this topic: Fast Food Nation the free book preview: Food Politics free book preview: Super Size Me free film on youtube I'm not telling you what policies to purseu, but I'm asking if you think the above policies help people?
  • Tell them that eating fruit and vegetables is a good way to help avoid colon cancer and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Make some great food with them Let them help make the food Take them to a Farmers market
  • You can also juice them up very healthy, they have juicer receipes to follow..
  • AB is glitching, oops.
  • Put a mirror in front of them
  • Pricing animal products much higher than fruits and vegetables. No worry, the market forces will take care of this eventually.
  • good question...questioneverything made some very good points. Personally, think that this has to be taught at an early age. Children have to be educated to the health benefits of eating vegis and fruits at an early age. +5
  • lots of sweetener for the fruit and fried in butter for the veggies
  • GOOD recipes that make them desirable.
  • In your own home, remove all alternative snacks. At school, place informercials in the school papers promoting the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sponsor a fruit or vegetable of the week detailing all the benefits of that food. In elementary school as an art project, create a laminated fruit chart describing the benefits of each fruit and take home to hang on the fridge. Do one for vegetables as well. Publish testimonials from celebrities that honestly follow good diets.
  • ... force them to take a detailed course in nutrition, and to keep retaking it until they pass with 100% ... ... have an extreme outbreak of some sort of disease that wipes out most of the world's food animals, giving people no choice but to become 99% vegetarian or starve ...
  • Just start with a small portion and just tell the person to teste it ,and let you know how it teste.
  • Ban them - it worked with drugs...
  • by encouraging them and showing them examples of real world heroes.

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