• I love children. I love to listen to them laugh and play. I think it's wonderful to see their faces when they discover something new. I'm not that old but children breathe new life into my heart, they bring back fond memories of my own childhood. Unfortunately I can't express these feelings to often or I'll probably get labeled as the creepy guy who wants to molest your kid.
  • I love children. I love infants especially. There is something warm and endearing about their smells-- especially the milk on their breath.
  • I love children from infants to teenagers. They always warm my heart in different ways.
  • Babies and toddlers are so addorable!
  • I don't like kids being kid-like very much... I like to talk to them as if they are adults, have serious conversations with them. It's amazing what they know while they pretend to be silly kids.
  • I love my kids. Otherwise, I could take them or leave them.
  • I really like kids. My favorite ages are definitely between 3-6 though :)
  • I don't have kids (although I would love to have one) I have a 22 month old neice that I love to death! I saw her this weekend after not seeing her for a a month and a half (she was with her dad) and to see her face brighten and run to me and give me a hug just made my whole day! I would do anything for her. To see her personality developing and saying sentences is unbelievable :) So yeah, I love kids!
  • For me i like kids between 5-8 They seem the most cutest and innocent at that age! They grow up as fast after that.
  • Only good, well-mannered sweet kids (any age). I don't like brats or kids with attitudes and no manners.
  • Yes I love kids just don't have the patience for them. Never had any but a baby will warm my heart in a flash.
  • Yes I do... the little ones like babies are the sweetest... now the ones that become teens and talk badk are anoying
  • Can't stand them - at any age. The upper classes have the right idea. Get the nannies to take care of them and then send them off to boarding school.

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