• I have a very fast metabolism because of the amount of activity I do. +5
  • I had a fast metabolism until I hit my thirties, when it slowed right down....
  • Diabetis has screwed up the metabolism rates. Now it is the pills that decide my metabolism.
  • high +5
  • Its high but not as high as it once was... oh aging.
  • Fairly good, not high but not sluggish, midline I guess
  • I have a fast metabolism, but don't eat enough to work it appropiately.
  • sucks.
  • high for me
  • Average but I can usually jump start it into another gear if I spend a couple days in the Gym.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • High. But then again I dont intake alot of sugar, no fake sugar like aspertame...I minimize anything that has preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics. I try and get 100% daily value of everything, and I excersize. I can eat and eat and eat and eat...I have alittle alittle chub but I like it. And If I wanted to indulge on cake and icecream and cookies and pizza and all the bad fatty stuff...I can and not worry about it. Its all about eating right and using the calories and carbs you intake so your not holding onto them.
  • I have low Metabolism ,beause i have noticed that if i am not careful on my diet i put on weight ,and i am 5'10 tall and weigh 178 pounds and i have trying to lose 12 pounds and find difficult so i know that i have low Metablism.
  • Getting older has slowed my down a bit. In my teens I could eat and eat and never gain.
  • I'm not sure how it goes with high or low. I'm generally described as having a fast metabolism though.
  • Very low, i just smell food and gain 2 pounds
  • I have the definitive efficient metabolism! Science should study me! I'm quite active physically, and have a good deal of muscle with 18" arms, and about a 50" chest (I don't look like a vegan)! I weigh about 100 pounds more than my mom, sister, or most girlfriends, yet I eat about the same amount of food as them (well balanced vegan diet)! Talk about getting some mpg! Great if I were foraging in the woods for food. Not so great in modern society, and with my being a great cook! If I didn't do a few hours of cardio a week, and weights (as I'm sure you know, extra pounds of muscle burn a good deal of energy), I hate to think of what would happen! I have actually done caloric computations, and according to science, I am taking in a fair amount less than I need to break even(700 calories a day less the last time I checked), yet somehow my weight remains stable! So far, I haven't found a good explanation from books, professors, or doctors other than super efficient absorption / digestion ability. Yes, thyroid activity is normal. How is your metabolism, CT?
  • I have abs and i dont work out ever. I have been the same weight within 2 or 3 pounds since high school. IM 32 now.
  • I think it must be in the middle. I diet and work out and I'm thin. If i don't do that, I'll gain weight and be like 135 pounds.
  • Pretty low nowadays I think but it used to be very high when I was younger.
  • My metabolism is neither high nor low. I would put it as average.
  • your metabolism can be set by choice, if you eat wrong or starve you slow down the metabolism, like wise if you eat regularly and eat clean, your metabolism will speed up. Exercise also has a bearing on the metabolism in the same manner.

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