• I agree with you. I know quite a few kids/teens like that and in a way I put some blame with how thelr parents raised them. I believe in spankings if necessary(not beatings) when kids are young.
  • I think the parents don't give a Darn if they let their kids do it! I think it is a awful to watch!
  • Bad parenting. ;-)
  • If my 12 year old daughter tried to teach me "life" I tell her: "You know I lived in this world a lot longer than you did, and I can teach you things, but not another way around." I agree, it's disgusting. 5+
  • The parents should know better, but to be fair, our culture in recent years has encouraged the "child-centered" household. In this situation the child becomes so important that the parents are relegated to being little more than buddies, cheerleaders, and good guys - anything but actually acting like the adults in the home. It isn't just in your home, it's in a lot of places, if that is any comfort to you! Kids get the message from the outside world, as well, that their "self-esteem" is so crucial that they should actually have a say in decisions that for decades only adults had a say in. This also helps explain why discipline in the schools has pretty much tanked.
  • I hate it, because those attitudes lead to poor social skills when they become adults. [Not to mention it makes teaching take 10 times longer than needed.]
  • Its the parents' fault, not the kids (until they get a bit older). Kids are going to push the envelope as far as what they can get away with -- that's what kids do. It is the parent's responsibility to keep the boundaries intact.
  • I don't let adults do this why would I ever let a child do this.
  • I have a huge problem with adults who let kids do that. Its not the kids fault. If thats what has been allowed, Of course they will do it. What part of adults are supposed to be in charge do some adults not get??
  • It depends. Sometimes, the adults need someone to put them in their place. However, snot nosed kids who like to tell everyone how and why they are wrong, just to be defiant, ARE annoying.
  • It's fun to watch and often the kids are right.
  • They need a good smacking (both the kid AND the parent).

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