• This is quite decent for the money. Though you can get a better system for the same price. But then you have to assemble it yourself, so it is probably not worth the hassle if you are not tech savvy. So I would say, go for it.
  • Looks like a great computer to me.
  • I like HP I have 1 at home and a TOSHIBA laptop. My advice is whatever you get have them optimize it. You won't be hassled with all the garble gook they have installed from software companies.
  • $600 seems a lot to me. Acer computers are better value in my view.
  • I'm not a PC expert but I don't know anyone who is particularly happy with their HP. HP, at one time, was very proprietary and only HP internal components could be used -- I don't know if it still that way or not. My brother is well versed in computers in general and he has always maintained he would not buy an HP computer. I had an HP printer at one time and was very happy with it.
  • Nice PC there :) If you would like to create one yourself (that maybe better for the price), here is a website I picked up along the way.
  • the only thing i don't like about it is the integrated graphics it is scaleable, but will use system ram to do so, meaning it will use some of the 8 gb of system ram you can however install an add in card if needed this is so cheap because intel has a new socket platform for CPU's the i7 this is future proof for st least 3 yrs

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