• That happens all too frequently with me. I'll be enjoying what I thought was an interesting book, then become so bored with it, that I have to turn off the CD or tape player. +5
  • If I find myself falling to sleep ; the book is now boring and I will quit reading it ... +5
  • If finished every book I ve stared. Never really read a bad book. Read Wilbur smith or Mario Puzo you will finish
  • There was one book about the Trilogy of the Three Rings, you all probably know it. I was 9/10 through the book and I thought why am I reading this, and never picked it up again. I didn't see the movie for the same reason. +4
  • Yeah, a few of them. Not saying the books themselves were bad, but maybe they really just weren't my style.
  • It was a book I got for free for attending this boring sci-fi/fantasy convention. I got about halfway through the book and gave up because it wasn't going anywhere.
  • yes sadly occasionally, not often though............
  • Yes. Either they capture me or they do not.
  • Sometimes, if the pictures are any good. :-)
  • Every book ive ever started lol
  • If its an easy read, no, I will finish it. But if its hard to understand/read and I have to reread lines too often, then I will put it aside. I just read all 4 Twilight books, and another that Stephenie Meyer wrote called The Host. I read them all so fast (1 book per day) because they were all easy reads, and very captivating stories. I also read Angels and Demons without stopping recently, it was great, but I am having a slow time of it with The Da Vinci Code, its sequel. Go figure. Plus, my concentration is lost now, as I am too busy at the time.
  • Not being able Choosing not to....yes. I love to read, I mean LOVE to read, but I have so much less time to do so these days, so I'm not going to waste my time on something I don't like. I will give a book 100 pages, and if I'm still not interested I give it up.
  • Fortunately for me it hasn't happened often but when it did, I had to finish the book because I kept hoping something worthwhile would come out of it.
  • I just bought one very recently that I was interested in reading but I've found that with my current mindset I just can't.
  • Sadly, that's happened to me a lot. Usually when I don't finish a book, it's just because I get distracted--one of my favorite authors comes out with a new book, for instance, so I start reading it and put the other one aside to come back to later. A few times, though, I've started reading a book that was so badly written I just couldn't bring myself to keep going.
  • sadly even if the book is boring i find myself compelled to read it +5
  • No. I know the authors I like. And in the rare instances that try someone new and the story isnt to my liking I will continue to plow through it sometimes skimming or jumping a chapter but I never put one down.
  • yes , if i was really busy or lost interested in it

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