• They don't really work.
  • The point is that he needs to do whatever it takes to acknowledge that his behavior must change. He needs to take the anger mgmt clms regardless. If they work (even a little) , great, if not or even if they do miracles, he needs to demonstrate by his actions that he is willing to try anything. His focus needs to be on changing his behavior. Questioning therapy types and methods can be a cop-out to avoid seeking needed therapy.
  • They can. My father sought help for his anger management. They didn't really help him in not becoming angry as easily, but they did teach him better ways to handle it, such as going outside for a walk when you think you're to the point of becoming abusive verbally or physically. Years later he still tries to remember the ways to handle it.
  • Forget the classes, dump his ass and run the hell away from him.
  • I think you should get out while the getting is good. If your boyfriend is already abusive and has been physically violent, he has deep-seated anger problems. Even if the anger management classes work, they will take a significant time to have the desired effect. In the meantime, you will be at the receiving end of his 'setbacks' in the process. You don't deserve that. I'd recommend you move on and hope that his next girlfriend benefits from your courage. Good luck.
  • First of all, good for you on seeking professional relationship help. A lot of people are skeptical of counseling and personal help courses. These courses only work if you go in wanting to change. It is not a miracle class, and it can take time for the tips and tricks to actually work. Good luck!
  • If he can't control himself then bounce. He needs to learn sooner than later there are consequences for his actions.
  • Why do you have a boyfriend like that?
  • After my opininion and experience these courses have not much effect. It is about the same with the therapy for drinkers. A lot of money and a lot of effort for little success.
  • What are you thinking? If a man is verbaly and worst of all physically abusive, what are you doing there? Seriously girl! GEt the hell out NOW before he ends up really messing you up. Don't you value yourself as person, a woman. Don't take any mans BS. Defend yourself and don't be scared and always remember that you deserve the best. Get out now. There are plenty of fish in the sea to choose from and I am sure there are really good men out there who will RESPECT YOU.
  • You should go see a counselor who can help you understand why you would stay in such a relationship. Even if there are children involved they would be a lot better off if dad goes straighten his stuff alone and you get your head together.
  • well, as he is having some sort of counselling at the moment (relationship) and his behaviour is ESCALATING, that shows he is NEVER going to change. Leave him and find a guy who is worthy of your affections and knows how to treat a lady x

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