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  • In this day and age ; I am in favor of Home Schooling as long as the instructor is CERTIFIED ... +5
  • depends on the school system...ours sucks so my daughter is in private school. Once she is middle school age I will probably move her to public school
  • For the super bright in NYC there are a few of the best public schools in the country. Stuyvesant and Bronx High School of Science. Boston has Boston Latin. I am sure that other cities also have great public schools too. But for the rest of us there a several private schools that offer superior education for their students. Unfortunately they have very high tuition, and therefore only the upper middle class and wealthy can attend. (The downside of attending these schools is that get their students from only one class of people and therefor lack diversity.) - If you think about it, the public school students are drawn from a much larger universe of potential students and therefore, as a group, are most likely more intelligent than the students at the elite private schools.
  • For me I went to public if I would have had children I'd pick a private school as for home schooling, I think those kids miss out on alot such as social activities which gets them ready as far as interacting with people in the future.
  • I went to public schools and so did my children. My youngest son was fortunate enough to be put in special, advanced education settings from 2nd grade on. He went to two magnet high schools, one for the Arts and another focused on Math and Science. He spent a half day at each. I am a strong proponent of good public education. If our schools aren't providing good public education, we need to fix that, not throw the baby out with the bath water.
  • I'm in favor of options. Each parent should be able to decide what is right for their child, so long as they are receiving a quality education.
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