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  • I respect my grandfather. I have no fear of the consequences of disagreeing with him - we have our disagreements and plenty of arguments. But we are on fairly equal footing in terms of respect and love for one another, so it all pans out. I'm lucky to have someone who, though he has authority over me (somewhat) I don't have to be afraid of in any way.
  • If I ought to respect him, I do, whether he is in a position of authority or not.
  • My Dad, elder male relatives, my professors... Everybody has a certain level of respect from me. Male or female, young or old, rich or poor, powerful job or street sweeper... My superiors at work, male or female, get added respect as my boss through their position. However, anything other than basic respect for another human being - even basic respect for authority - must be earned. And no, I don't fear the consequences... My respect for men positionally over me is not earned through fear. This is earned through showing good values, good morals, positive treatment of others. I will lose all but basic respect for any man that has positionality over me if he can not demonstrate the above traits and qualities.
  • I respect all people until I see things that make me lose that respect. I don't fear disrespecting anyone, I genuinely want to think the best of everyone, trust and respect them but if I lose that respect for them then I don't care at all what they think.
  • This question is rather confusing to me...Please excuse me if I am wrong but it seems like you are saying that woman should respect all men just because they ARE men... And it sounds like you are saying women do not deserve respect from men? I am assuming you are from a country that holds on to these beliefs… that woman are to be sub servant to men…am I correct? Well I find this to be rather offensive. I am a very intelligent and ambitious woman. I have held jobs that pay more than quite a few average men. These jobs required using my head not my physical strength by the way. So I will not claim to be “stronger” physically than a man. But I am strong minded. I purchased the home I curently live in, which is in a very quite and desirable suburban neighborhood and has one of the best school districts in the country at the age of 30, and I was a single (divorced) mother of 2 small kids. I did not collect alimony, No help from a man mind you. I did it all on my own. How many single men have achieved this at such a young age? So in regards to respect. First of all respect must be earned… We do not pick and choose… it should come naturally… like love and any other feeling or emotion. I respect men and woman equally. I respect people for different reasons… such as values, kindness… the deeds they do. BUT never because I am demanded too! Do you honestly think that by threatening or scaring a woman you are earning her respect? No your not and if she says you are she is lieing because she is afraid of you. That is not respect… that is fear… so which do you want? A woman that is sub servant and acts like she respects you because she is afraid or a woman that feel true respect in her heart? Do YOU actually respect anyone because they demand it? Truly? Do you respect a bully? How can you honestly think it can be different for woman? Are we not human? Do we not share feelings and emotions alike? Also there is different types of respect… like my father as an example… I don’t always have to agree with him but I still respect him. Then again he was and is a good loving father and I know he always has his families’ best interest at heart. I would never hurt him with disrespect. But he has never hurt me either! Also do not confuse being polite with respect… anyone raised properly can be polite out of decency… but it doesn’t mean they will respect you. So go on thinking woman should be pushed into respect… its like saying woman should be forced to love…like we can lol or you can just demand it and our hearts will obey!
  • I respect a person that has earned it. Their sex has no factor.
  • I resepct everyone. That is not the issue. If they don't respect me, I have no time.
  • I don't care if you are male or female..I will respect you. I don't care if you are above me positionally or below. But once you find a way to ruin that respect the no I don't fear consequences. Its my decision and I can't be punished for it.

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