• I think that is a great super de duper fantastic idea Yo!!! Go for It!!!:):):):) YAY!!!!:)
  • It'll be great......But it's hard working (or going to school) full time and taking care of your family as if you are still a SAHM.....
  • That is fabulous! Time for mom to get back out there..but I can tell you are a nuturer by nature. Congrats and best of luck!
  • i think you should go for it
  • I would advise you to go back to school and finish the course you would like to do it ,and i would say that it is never too late ,more i know my company president in kenya ,when he retired he went back to law school ,and i would say that there is no end to education in our life.learn something new and will keep you more lively on this planet.
  • Go for it.
  • I think that if it's what you want to do, then it's a fantastic decision.
  • good for you ! go for it ! more power to ya ! . i'm proud of you !!!!
  • That's so exciting Shatzee! Good to hear after taking care of others for 12 years, you've decided to take care of YOU now! Best of luck with it.
  • thats awesome. Go for it!
  • As a former student, let me tell you what I know. It's not all fun and you hardly get to "cuddle" with animals. It's a very serious kind of job. Those animals and their owners are depending on YOU for their lives and the lives of their pets. Most of the work in the clinic is done by you, not the veterinarian. You will also perform office procedures like the receptionist(s). I was interested in it because of the medical side of it and surgery. Though, techs can't perform surgery, only give tools to the vet. You better be good with the microscope or you won't make it. You better be able to handle blood or you're out. You better be able to handle getting bitten and getting scars or you won't make it. You better be able to euthanize (kill w/ shots) animals or you won't make it. You better be okay following strict safety standards or you won't make it. You better be willing to clean up after animals and the clinic, EVEN IF it's not your job description (you're a part of the clinic, thus expected to help where you can). You better be willing to test animals in labs while being trained, knowing that you will kill them, or you won't make it. ***And you better be okay with cutting off their heads. This is the ONLY way to test if an animal has rabies because you need the brain tissue and it must be fresh (meaning, the tech cuts the head off right after the animal was euthanized because that's the freshest form). If you can't do any of those, as in ANY, you won't make it. A lot people go into this job thinking it's all about spending time with animals and holding & kissing them and "loving" them. Well, I'd say maybe 10% of that goes in to Veterinary Technology. If that's what you're goal is you'd be better volunteering. Now if you love medicine and animals, then it's a good choice, YES. You will fail if you can't handle any of the above. And for all those people out there thinking they would work at a NO-KILL shelter or hospital, good luck with that. You will have to put an animal down before you graduate. Why did I stop my training? Not because I couldn't handle it, but because where I went I wouldn't be able to pay off loans on the average Veterinary Technician salary at $500 a credit and the fact that MY school was teaching outdated material. Ten years ago, that same program made students at the top of their classes feel like they were idiots when they entered the clinic for their first VT job. It is still happening but since the school has the state name in it and donates a large sum to the state, nothing bad will happen to them. They can still take your money and give you s**t. Research your school and its alumni prior to joining.
  • go for it work hard and balance family and professional life... after 12 years things would have chnged and would pose a good challenge for you so don't hold back, it would certainly be exciting since you had been brought up at a farm so you have seen and done many of the thigs that are required to be done as vet... so its not going to be much of a problem seeing the blood and wounds etc... ALL THE BEST
  • Oh Shatzee I am so happy for you. This will be a wonderful adventure for you. It is always a challenge to go back to work especially being away from it this long. Good luck and wish you all the best.
  • It's never to late to better urself.
  • I think that's just wonderful - I hope to be in you shoes, school wise myself in a year or two. (and I'm 47) You Go.......
  • That's great! Good luck : )
  • I think it is wonderful. Congratulations Shatzee!!!
  • Well you love your dog's. You'd make a good VetTech
  • Very Cool Shatzee! +5 Best, Jonathan
  • I say, that awesome and good luck!! +5

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