• it's the most important game in america's most popular sport
  • Its the best game of the year.
  • I'm proud to say I have never watchd one and I never will. Not all men can bear to watch that nonsense- notice how it is geared towards men and also degrads young women as sexual objects in cheerleading... I should point ou that it's in same category as other sports that serve the interestrs of power. If I'm not doing it for exercise or with friends, then why should I care about about rich people on a field getting richer off the poor? By th way, what is the purpose of sports? Maybe it has something to do with distraction and keeping people focused on everything but the things that matter such as the decisions being made that affect your lives. As in to mold people's mind to route for the corporations. I mean, why should I care who wins? All this competition isn't natural, but it is forced on people (oh, this is American culture or UK with soccer)to make them compliant and cheerers for one side over the other - classic example of using 'fun' for the purpose of indoctrination - but that's too much for AB so maybe I should shut my mouth, drink beer and spend hours on radio talk expousing theories and strategies on who can win and how...funny how guys who society regard as uneducated (and they really do treat the 'average Joe' with this sort of contempt) and rough, can put together really good research and imagine they shifted that towards something that actually had a purpose.... such as gtting mdical care for millions of people who currntly don't or ending the wars in Middle East. As you see, sports r used to manipulate people to get them away from being involvd in the democratic decisions that they would be part of IF they lived in a functioning democracy Give them food and circus... not much has changed.
  • I bet on it but I haven't watched a Superbowl game in years...they are so boring....
  • partly for the same reason that when I see a girl walk by wearing and adorable pair of pumps I gasp and nudge my sister to look "like, ohhh my god, those are sooo cute." We've been some what programmed to. That's just American society. I exaggerated a little bit though, I don't sound quite so obnoxious and valley girl :) I prefer to play rather than watch too but if you follow a team throughout the season you start to get attached. My moms boyfriend is a huge Patriots fan and he got me going for awhile. The patriots loss against the giants was the biggest disappointment ever :(
  • Imagine the insightful genius of the dude who invented the tuner, enabling different channels?! ;-)
  • I've been wondering the same thing. I guess they just like the roughness or something. I prefer soccer(futbol).
  • I watch if I'm a fan of one of the teams playing. Same with the World Series. However the only teams I like are the 4 Bay area teams. So I don't tune in very often.

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