• Yes, I've had lots of ideas over the years; but never had a clue how to make them a reality.
  • Yes a robot to do all the things i dislike doing. Still working on it. LOL
  • yes, a back pack that is also a jet Pack
  • Like in something useful? Yes, but it's too much work. In today's world to invent something meaningful You have to have incredible amounts of knowledge in a narrow field, a crew and often a large budget behind Your laboratory. It's not like in the past, when all the scientific knowledge could be stored in a couple of books. Of course You might invent some bullshit gadget that people could still buy, but I don't consider it real invention.
  • yes! Not to be like famous or anything, jus because I needed something n thought why isnt there a thing that does this. But id neva kno how to go about getting it done or telling the right person my idea etc. I heard that you need to have a design & copywrite before you can even try shopping around an idea. I think il jus leave it to the nerds; they need purpose in their lives too. lolz.
  • yes still do for that matter and i am working on it !
  • Yes, and I will someday!

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