• Please don't panic at what I am about to say. I had a Heart Attack a year ago and after the event I was told to listen to my body, it turns out to be good advice. If you are having strange or painful un-known problems with your left arm then get yourself checked out by your Doctor. It is probably nothing but get it and your Heart checked.
  • This NOT normal! Not even for your arm falling alseep, a pulled muscle, or even a nervous system illness. Please go to your nearest hospital ER immediately! +5
  • It is still happening, off and on all day long. I know it wasn't that my arm had fallen asleep because I was awake earlier in the night and had just fallen back asleep for a short time. I do have the beginnings of carpal tunnel, but this doesn't go all the way down to my wrists. I can't get my heart checked, as I am on crutches from an ankle surgery. Which brings me to another thing. MAYBE it is because of handling the crutches all the time.?.?.?.
  • maybe you should go to the er in case its your heart

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