• I personally am not a fan of Japanese/Chinese symbols. However, what do they mean, perhaps I can tell you which one I like best from that.
  • they hurt to get and hurt more to remove think twice they will be there a long time
  • Don't mutilate your body.
  • Nice, i like it. Well it wont hurt too bad. It's really up to you where u want it to go. But i would put that on my hip if woman, or wrist. And if a guy then maybe shoulder or something
  • well I guess a large part of the decision is gonna be based on how visable you want it..for a small symbol or design the wrist or neck or ankle work great but are more visable all the time... I have met a lot of people that have gone and gotten kanji forms on them, and many of them had no clue (or thought they had a clue) what the symbol(S) they got meant....just curious if you really know what your symbols mean? I can tell you if you do not know.
  • get them both, 1 on each tricep

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