• You forgot antichrist.
  • None of the above. That's just the extreme right-wing, still-can't-get-over-McCain-didn't-win folks talking. I don't recall any Dems saying the crazy stuff like that when Dubya won!
  • no. he is a mole person though.
  • no, nobody could want to kill my grandma. as for the other things... they are just scare tactics on the immaturity level of psycholiberals but being perpetrated by psychoconservatives. the big difference is there are less psychoconservatives. unlike the liberals about last president, most conservatives may wish obama had not won, but accept his victory and presidency rather than make up wild accusations of stolen elections and say "not my president"
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      fvck your COAT
  • and my grandfather as well. he's even recieved a signed deathnote.
  • No. He just pretends.
  • It depends. Are you a ignorant, inbred, racist idiot from certain southern racist states? ^_^
  • and screw my dogs, he was really born on Uranus and goes back there on weekends, he has 7 testicles, he has xray vision.. now you may laugh but its TRUE ..I heard Palin say these things so it must be true ...right?
  • The only thing Obama *REALLY* is, is black and that's enough for the hateful, the racist, the biggoted in this country to give themselves a license to call him anything they want, to make up lies and to want to destroy the man
  • sshhhhh, (yes), he's a reptile clone planted by the Evil Overlords of planet Gay-Agenda. But don't spread this around too much, or the Men In Black will have to kill you.
  • He is a politician. And you know what they really are. Do as I say, not as I do. He is trying to get the USA Ship back on course. He is forgetting who buys the ship's fuel.
  • LOL ahahahah kill your grandmother
  • Communist, only at heart in his ideals. Muslim, of course not. Homo, his wife and children belie that idea. Terrorist who wants to kill my grandma... well, my grandmas are already dead, but he's not a terrorist. Yet the policies he is trying to implement may, if passed, may result in lesser care for the elderly and greater care for the younger and poor. There's only so much money to go around, and if someone gets to pick and choose, someone gets picked and someone gets left. That's just how it is.
  • again a way to distract us. Watch what the man behind the curtain is doing. It is what we can't see going on that we should be afraid of.
  • are you seirous?
  • Heck that ain't even the half of it. Tune into FOX if you want to know the rest of the story.
  • Obama is none of those things..don't be silly! I however am all of those things and favorite beverage is aborted baby blood for example - and worse for you all - I'm forcing every American citizen to use the Metric system when my daddy Satan finally makes me ruler of the world. But keep this on the QT, I'm not suppose to be telling anyone this... it's a surprise.
  • yeah and he wants national health care so he can do a mass murder through"vaccinations" that will really be poison.<---yes, some people ACTUALLY believe this.
  • no he's not a muslim get your shit straight, LOL come on my fellow American
  • zombie, vampire, boogieman, The Joker, nazi, jinni, demon, alien, gog and magog, lucifer, antichrist, monster, cyclops, satyr, incubus, fallen angel, grendel, terrorist, commie, homo. Did I forget something? . . . . . . com'on you must know by now that I'm kidding, doncha?
  • what about Nazi socialist?
  • I'll guess.... no.
  • Yes. Everything the republicans say is true. And you dont need any pay or rights. And rich people shouldnt pay taxes.

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