• I think that it might be something we learn to do- like we learn it by first being loved and I guess we just follow the example-maybe....
  • I think instinctively, we are all born knowing how to love, but we learn over time the ways to keep it alive.
  • I'd say it's something you are born knowing how to do. There's not much thought to it -- it something that just IS.
  • I think it is learned. We are born selfish and dependant. If we are not taught to be different we will grow up selfish and dependant. If love came naturally then the world would not be plagued with the evil that it has in it. If children are not exposed to a loving environment when they are young they can have all kinds of problems including not being able to love.
  • it is a bit of both. our wiring in the our brains give us the ability to know what love can do and how it effects us. Our upbring and experiences tell us how we can make love mature and also how to express it
  • When we are born we are incapable of love or any other emotions, as our brains are not completely formed yet. Love is something we learn, and taught from our parents. If we are loved, we feel needed, happy, and we love ourselves. If we are not loved, then we are incapable of loving ourselves, which results in having a difficult time loving others.
  • I think it's part of the human condition. You don't need to KNOW how to love. It's just within us. I know I'll probably be attacked for saying this, but in this respect I believe humanity is different from all other species.
  • From the first "cling" approximately 1 yrs old. Love is natural feelings from evoked emotions that is defined as love
  • God created man in His image according to Genesis 1:26,27. And 1John 4:8 assures is that
  • its probably something you have to learn to do

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