• No country for old men. Awesome movie, the ending sucked.
  • Not so much a movie, but a trilogy of movies - I really did not like the ending to the Matrix trilogy at all. But then again, I never really understood it until recently, and so it never made sense to me. Still, even now that I do understand, I still don't like the ending.
  • The Knowing, not the most satisfying ending
  • The Sixth Sense, most of the people like this movie, I guessed the end at the middle of the film by joking.. I guessed right..
  • No country for old men!..The good guy and his wife get killed and the bad guy limps away alive!
  • The Happening, and The Day After Tomorrow
  • i am legand i mean not just one good guy died but the onley hope for humanity died and he could have saved himself
  • Moulin Rouge! The bleak ending was completely off with the rest of the movie.
  • Knowing
  • Gone With The Wind
  • The Bridge to Terabithia, they didn not have to go down that route but they did and it left me with a painful teary eyed face :(
  • Arlington Road (1999) Saw it for the first time, just a couple of weeks ago. Riveted to my seat. Blown away (pardon the pun!) by the ending tho.
  • shutter
  • Both of The Ring films, The Others, The Hostel, the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Quite a few films when you think about it where the payoff at the end is ruined.
  • The Green Mile, they could have easily left out what happened to Tom Hanks' character as an elderly slowly-aging man.
  • I Am Legend. I mean, the movie in it's entirety didn't come close to touching the book. But I was willing to buy into this version of the story (even without Cortman), even though it didn't even come as close "The Last Man On Earth" did. But nonetheless it was a pretty entertaining take and was working...but then came the ending. Ok I mean if you are gonna cannibalize a book to make it into a movie, at LEAST put the parts in the movie that are the reason for the name of the movie in the first place. He sacrifices himself? There's humans alive? The vampires never really become smart enought to rebuild society and develop speech? Did they not realize when they made the film what Neville was to the vampires? He was their boogyman the last of his kind,and had to die?! Matheson's entire theme was completely missed. Maybe someday, someone will make the movie right.
  • The classic example is the voice over by Harrison Ford at the end of Blade Runner which has been described as sounding like someone forced him to read a hated script at gunpoint. It was added on by the money men after the movie was finished to 'fix' it. It's mostly exposition and very clumsy. . Personally I hated the ending of The Long Kiss Goodnight as the Samuel L. Jackson character was dead fair and square and noble and all that good stuff. And then he pops up alive for no particular reason.
  • Lost in Translation. The ending got lost, too.

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