• Seems to me that no matter who is in office, they will complain!
  • No, it is always possible to dumb-down the conversation even further. Politics is one of those endeavors where it's much easier to go down than up.
  • Unfortunately I'm sure they're far from done. They seem to have straws and straws yet to grasp, in a transparent and feeble attempt to make sure the man can't possibly win no matter what he does;)
  • i think you have just asked it lol =5
  • Is Obama the 9th cousin of George Bush? I saw a video on youtube claiming it, and with my enquiring mind, I'd like to know if it's true.
  • lol... no way, seems some here on AB must sit up ALL night to think some new dumb arsed questions to post ... if they only put as much energy into find out the facts it would make a world of difference, just seems its easier to bullshit
  • This battle will rage on for as long as people are willing to blindly wear their one of two uniforms. There are those in the blue outfit and those in the red. both sides have been completely manipulated into believing the other team is pure evil. Its a brilliant and effective tactic that ensures that atleast one of these "team representatives" will attain power. Funny enough the lines between the parties once in office quickly blur and it is b business as usual "spending our hard earned money away". Wake up America and vote them all out. Obama is not the savior, hes simply another pawn as was the face before him.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Actually, the 'reds' ARE evil, and the blue are just Americans. THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE. And you are speaking over-simplified dumbed down crapola
  • "Mr. President - does Dumbo know you have his ears?" And that's about as low and lame as I can venture... Mr. President, I salute you sir! I'm sorry for the joke!
  • how about... "is obama the anti-christ?" "is obama an alien preparing the way for his people invasion of earth?" "does obama still wet the bed" "did obama like it when michael jackson touched him THERE?" o.k. i think thats about it
  • Oh Gosh he has at least 3 years probably 7 for people to ask questions of all types. I am sure they have not all been asked yet. Not by a long shot
  • Judging by those "town hall" dim-wits......NO!
  • Can you provide evidence that proves that Barak Obama is indigenous to this planet? How do we know that Aliens from the Crab Nebula didn't secretly implant an alien embryo in his mother?
  • How bout this one? Now that the USA has a BLACK President, do you think they will ever have a normal WHITE one again - or is it true that once you go black, you never go back??? My BFF didn't, and now we don't hardly speak EVER!!! ps- this is just another of my bent jokes people, no slight against blacks.
  • As a general rule if things can get worse they will.
  • Just think, you'll come up with one
  • Can we all agree that Obama is the lowest scum, worst president, most terrible pathetic excuse for a human, fascist, socialist, old people killer, unpatriotic, non citizen, jungle monkey ever to be president? Am I being irrational enough? Did I leave anything out? I've been reminded to include Muslim!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I'd agree you should go fuck yourself. Only a moron would say all that, when all he's got in mind is pretending the opposing party is bad, so his guy can be viewed positively. And only a moron would want to try and deceive people into thinking positively of evil thieving lying scum, like any and all republicans.
  • Did Obama get a blowjob from Monica Lewinsky?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No, and that's what makes it so unfair.
  • Why do people support Obama when he is clearly responsible for every problem America faces today?
  • Just wait, another molehill will appear that will be rendered into a mountain range.
  • Yes, they have all been asked - but still they come.

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