• Good Q. Mainly it's genetic. They appear mostly on people with a fair (pale)complexion. I looked it up here:
  • I actually have a fair amount of freckles and I'm pretty dark skinned...My dad has very fair skin and a LOT of freckles so I'm sure it's genetic. For most people with freckles the sun makes them darker. When I was a kid my aunt told me that freckles came from the freckle fairy, who would come in your room when you were a baby. Apparently, the freckle fairy had freckle juice in her mouth and she would spit it all over you, that's where the little dots came from. I belived her for the longest time...
  • Variations of pigment in the skin.
  • My son Has alot of freckles also. across his nose and under his eyes mostly. We call them Angels Kisses. We tell him that the angels love hi so much they have to give him kisses everynight when he is asleep. He love that story and he is 7.
  • I got mine from a bad sunburn! I spent two consecutive days at the beack, UV 12!! I got really burnt and when the burnt skin peeled, I had new freckles on my shoulders and back ..
  • i have loads of freckles on my face. the sun causes them and genetic
  • They are sun kisses. Kissed by the sun.

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