• Well, I never liked Ginny to begin with, so when she and Harry kissed, I just imagined the little girl from Chamber of Secrets. Very PEDO- But Tom Felton was pretting smoking :) Though I never thought Blaise Zabini was African American. I thought he was Italian. and Pansy Parkinson is not really 'pug like' enough I just hope they pull off the last book or else I'll be freaking pissed. The war scene will have to be THE BEST.
  • I was disappointed after the 2nd one I don't like Harry Potter very much. The story is great but I think the kids are really bad actors only 2 I think. +4
  • Not bad. No idea about Imax but the story was decent. Tom Felton finally had an opportunity to prove himself and he did. I'm disappointed by the way Ginny is portrayed - in the books she becomes a very strong-willed and stable character.
  • It was great, loved it, seemed boring but its a part of the story that needed to be told in order to understand many things.
  • It seemed very disjointed to me, and of course a lot of the book is missing. I enjoyed it as an entertaining movie. I only go to IMAX movies now, so that part was OK.

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