• No. I think the upper class does.
  • No, I think a Corporatist/Kleptocracy breeds far more laziness and destruction. Why work hard for the betterment of yourself or society when it's clear that society's "winners" are the ones who can get away with back-dating their stock options... ...or working for a bank for three weeks before it gets taken over by federal regulators? When the rewards are disproportionately reserved for the lucky few, it's hard to convince people that they have a stake in the present or future of their society.
  • Um. How about corporate welfare? We bailed out Citi, AIG, GM, and all the banks. They in turn, grab the money and file for chapter 11.
  • It can certainly make people rely too much on state help.
  • Yes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a liberal Democrat, and find that many people brand as socialist things that really are not, but you raise a good point about a potential danger. . There's an old joke from the former Soviet Union about a farmer who notices that his neighbor has a goat (which he does not). He goes to his local party boss and complains. The party boss says, "OK, I'll try to find you a goat." The farmer responds, "I don't want you to get me a goat, I want you to kill my neighbor's goat." . That's a mentality -- seeking levelling rather than growth -- that must always be guarded against. . So your point is well-taken and worth remembering.
  • no. It breeds equality, compassion, and ethical behavior, unlike capitalism, which promotes greed, selfishness, unethical behavior, and cheating and stealing. Socialism is what every decent human being who cares about others should support. those who do not are greedy and evil and unethical.
  • Sort of. I think it allows folks to get away with too much. Because every society needs some form of management to keep folks motivated. In capitalism: work or get fired. "Yes sir!" In socialism: work or get fired. "Oh yeah? If you try to fire me, I'll tell the agency about your little black market dealings oh honorable supervisor!"
  • I think it breeds collectivism. A well-structured socialism promotes growth, and a poorly structured one promotes leveling, as is seen now. I also think socialism goes against our competitive instincts, which are more sociopathic than even capitalism can reflect, which is why I vote for a well-balanced direct socialist democracy. Down with representation, we have the tools for direct again!
  • I see where it does yes. maybe not so much destruction, but laziness, yes.
  • Socialism does not promote ambition, initiative, and ingenuity. Socialism makes governing easier. Socialism takes your liberty and freedom from you. Socialism has no place in America.
  • Socialism shows that people have truly grown complacent, that is a scary thought. Let the government run everything it's easier right? Now, what is it going to cost you? No one seems to be thinking about that, or we have grown that weak as a nation. Either way, it's scary.
  • Nope I do not. Indeed raising the standard of living for the people seems to give them more intensive to work for and support the system.
  • lazyness yes
  • Nope. Do you mean socialism or communism? Mind you, it doesn't apply even to communism. There was a lot wrong with the USSR, but no one could accuse them of being lazy.
  • Do you think this question has merit?
  • sorry but no ... thats a old wives tale put out by the GREED is GOOD at any price side who will do anything to protect their profits. Capitalism is so good it has only brought the world to recession 4 times in 90 years ... give it time and it will do it again now I would call that destuction wouldn't you
  • No more than Capitalism breeds greed and excess. No pure governing economic philosophy can endure without its faults coming to bare. The U.S. is not a purely capitalist country and does not keep a completely free market for any length of time. Medicare,medicaid, social security and welfare are all socialist programs that exist within our free market system. If we were solely a free market society we would have failed a long time ago.
  • Socialism will make you lazy as you are given by government. Destruction? I am not sure. I t will work, but slow down enthusiasm.
  • yes it does but more importantly it destroys the economy. innovation is not rewarded, only political people can advance. Socialism punished the creative and rewards the politicians and other manipulators.

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