• You didn't say it to him, but you said it nonetheless. You disrespected him by saying that. George Bush doesn't hear any of what I say about him, but it still disrespects him. What you say about people will influence the opinions of those who hear it. +4
  • Well he didnt have to hear it to take it personal. Altho he may be, you can not bite the hand that feeds you. He can fire you for that if he really wanted to, so I think you are lucky to still be there.
  • You may need to change that to control freak! But anyway I would use this in a positive manner to clear the air and start anew. No one likes to be called stupid and this would be better than him knowing about it and just holding a grudge. Tell him your reasons, whatever they were and go from there. I would apologize unless what he did was really awful.
  • I think your boss needs to grow up! Having been a manager and a "boss" myself, if I knew someone had called me stupid. . . . . .I could have cared LESS! Big deal! Just GET THE DAMN JOB DONE. . . .ALREADY! Ask him/her if you need to call their "mommy" too for a handkerchief! Give me a freak'n break! Phfttttt!
  • The truth hurts, you are probably right, almost all of my former bosses have been idiots of one sort or another, but try to keep the words inside your head in future, and be more careful of talking in front of blabbermouths! It's probably best to apologise, even if you have your fingers crossed! Been there done that!
  • Doesn't make you look professional or mature, casts him in a bad light in front of others and undermines his authority. I'd apologize.
  • Be careful who your deciding to vent to they may be running back telling the boss lil things they hear to help them suck up or if your the always complaining type maybe someone did tell him hoping he would confront you and you would unload on him .If it was just venting to a trusted coworker-friend no you didnt nothing wrong except that friend told someone or is someone who is trying to get ahead .But if your just blowing uo in front of all when boss isint around your kinda asking for it .
  • I have to admit there are things that my boss and co-workers do that drive me absolutely crazy. I know that there are much simpler, cheaper way to get things done, but that isn't company policy. Sometimes our bosses are cruel, mean, vindictive, completely useless or stupid. However, in these economic times it isn't the smartest thing you could have done to say it out loud or mention it to the co-workers, which could easily include the office snitch. What I've learned to do is find a journal or blog site that I can vent my feelings into. This prevents ulcers and other things from repression, but it also will not get me into trouble with my boss. It think in the interest of keeping your job you should apologize to him. It doesn't have to be sincere, it just has to look and sound sincere. And then you can find your own blog site and write about how unfair and infuriating they are.
  • I have a slightly different take on this than some of the other posters, I suppose. My thought on this is: "If you think you're working for idiots, then who is REALLY the idiot here?" Isn't it really time for a new job anyway?
  • Yes. I think it is disrespectful. He may well be an idiot, but you need to remember his position and yours! The workplace is not the right place to make this sort of comment, particularly to others. If you really must, at least have the guts to tell him to his face and deal with the consequences.
  • When your working for someone, do your job, dont try and do his or hers, if you think there being stupid its because your focusing on there job not yours; let them make stupid mistakes thats why they pay them the big bucks, just do what your told and youll be fine.
  • very disrespectful. even if you know for sure he is stupid, never ever ever tell that to someone there at work. it will get back as you have found. you are lucky you weren't fired.
  • As a boss, his authority depends on people respecting him, as opposed to simply having the power to fire you. If a boss loses the respect of his employees, he becomes less effective with them, and production suffers, among other things. The boss of the boss may lose respect for him as well, and that is a situation your boss will want to avoid. Obviously not everyone you spoke to agreed with your description of your boss, and felt that you were less worthy of respect in return. SO yes, you were wrong, perhaps not to think it, but certainly wrong to mouth it off in public. If you didnt mean disrespect then why say it at all ? If someone else told you that I said you were stupid, that person must have thought I meant it. Smarten up.
  • Lesson to learn: never say anything behind someone's back that you wouldn't say to their face. Is it disrespectful? Who said anything about respect? Respect has to be earned, not given blindly. So, your boss IS stupid.... maybe so, but if you can't say it to his/her face, then you should find another way to express yourself that you CAN say without being offensive or undermining someone's authority.
  • Me the asker--I was talking to my boyfriend and he overheard.
  • The thing about work places is that there is a weird culture that you have to become part of and there are certain things that you absolutely do not do. One of those is talk badly about your boss if there is any chance they can hear you or read about it. It doesn't sound like you respect your boss as it is and they probably know this so I would apologize and behave for awhile. There is not a shortage of those seeking employment and even though you may be in the right and your boss is daft it's probably better to not make waves until you have something else lined up.
  • Your boss may be stupid but regardless of that fact he is still your boss and signs your paychecks. I know it sucks. But to be quite honest with you, if one of my employees called me stupid and I found out I would probably fire them. Its my company your are one of my staff if you think im stupid please leave and find yourself another job with a smart boss because I am sure that they're are thousands of other people that can do your job and keep their mouths shut.
  • NEVER say anything behind someones back, Tell them to their FACE first they may not like it but will respect you more for it , THEN if you must repeat it to someone then do so, But a good rule of thumb is NEVER discuss anything about Co-Workers or Bossses that is outside of the "Professional Arena" as there is no room for personal personality conflicts within ANY organization keep it business EVEN IF you have an absolute overbareing perfectionist asshole as a superior and must say something say it to their face first as long as it is professional not personal .. ~Nemo~
  • Be very careful what you say in front of others as some lick spittle to gain brownie points will be sure to tell the boss. You have a right to your opinion, but sometimes voicing it can lead to trouble.

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