• Suicide is illegal. There would have to be extenuating circumstances for it to be truley enforced though. If you pop a bottle of sleeping pills throw up and live and then someone calls the police, no one is going to bother with trying to jail you.
  • yes it is true. but most of the time you will get send to a shrink on the tax payer's dollars to help you work out your issues.
  • They won't throw you in prison but the will lock you up in a mental health facility for a couple of months of therapy.
  • It is no longer considered illegal in any of the 50 states, however it is often considered a common law crime in that families of the "victim" may not be eligible for any financial recovery unless they are proven to have been "not of sound mind" at the time of the incident. One thing that may happen, however, is that the "victim" might find themselves checked into a psychiatric ward for observation and will not be allowed to leave until released by their primary physician.
  • They send you to a mental hospital for evalation.
  • not that i know of but youd probably have to go into the psych ward which can be like a prison

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