• In theory, yes. But rather unlikely. Too many folks are in lust with the notion that REAL men, don't use their brains.
  • Yep. By exporting 85% of the population to Mars
  • Probably not. We've been cultivating idiocy for far too long.
  • Perhaps if we improved educational standards, we could. For some strange reason, we can't seem to do that in this country. The rest of the civilized world is gaining much more ground on us in that capacity.
  • The 60's and early 70's were one of the more intellectual times. We may have called them hippies and other names, but they actually thought. Didn't do much but they thought. Intellectuals haven't been the doers they are the thinkers. Others need to come up with the money and find the doers.
  • A good first step would be to keep the government, at the Federal and State level anyway, away from the schools. Education and indoctrination are two different things.
  • No, what ever will be , will be. People have to work things out for themselves. +3
  • Encourage people to stop believing the logical fallacies and hate-filled rhetoric that Fox News passes off as truth. Examples: Fox News Controversies: Fox attacks Obama: Indiana University Six Month Study/Analysis of Bill O'Reilly's use of Propaganda Techniques Sean Hannity deceptively crops parts of President Obama's speech: Fox attorneys argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves If these aren't enough, let me know. I've got more examples - many more.
  • Only by using less bullsh*t in the garden.
  • I have my family sit down in the living room and watch "The Simpsons" on TV with me every chance I get, so I guess I'm doing my part.
  • It's a bit hard to do this without sounding judgmental, but how about spending less time shopping and blowing money and more time reading or talking with other people. Being on Answerbag probably doesn't hurt ^_^
  • Who really cares? I like real people. Not the fake, no common sense people, that are being turned out of colleges left and right, who have a false sense of superiority. Luckily, there are some people who manage to make it through college and still be real and have common sense, but I think they are getting scarce. Maybe they are coming from the colleges that aren't trying to turn all of their students into fascist progressives.
  • Sure, just start getting everyone to watch Fox News like us!
  • If they taught deductive reasoning,communication skills,logic,world geography,history,and common sense in school at a very high degree it would be possible.Right now all one has to do is memorize.
  • Yes by making it cool to be smart. Right now it's cool to be a dumbass. It starts with the children. Telling the truth also helps and not trying so hard to protect our children from everything, let them learn and stop sheltering them. Prepare them for the reality of life, that's a start and stress education and enlightenment.
  • Yes. The US needs to fix it's education system, it's up sh*t creek. At the present, children aren't held back a grade when they fail. The vast majority of them just get pushed up to the next grade, and they never learn. The kids get through school without learning. Also, kids aren't meeting the standards for their age, so what do we do? We lower the standards for them. Before people try to create a new intellectual environment in the US, they need to fix the education system. No society could claim to be intellectual and at the same time, leave their children in ignorance.
  • Can't even manage that on here. Like wondering why we can't have world peace when people fight over things like parking spaces and Michael Jackson;)
  • I think fellow ABers from across the seas are helpin' that right along now! ;-)

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