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  • it's hot alright, so go for it. unless she wants you to do it, let her pick out the third partner. be kind and courteous even if she's not the most beautiful thing in the world. two things can happen - this will be the last time it ever happens or new avenues may open up for you. i wouldn't worry about destroying the relationship - especially with a new baby. good luck.
  • Look yea it's hot for a guy and if you haven't already done it you really really need to make sure that your girl likes her and it not all about you its about you girlfriend and you and what is gonna make you relationship better....What happens sometime is that the guy or the other girl like that guy or he like him and THATS A BIG NO NO!! Never ever ever call her without your girl knowing and if she call you when your girl isn't there don't talk to her...Hubby and I had a 3some and she was a goodfriend but after the 3some she would call him and never me asking for favors, so one day I put my foot down and said NO MORE! I told him he couldn't go help her with nothing unless I go or if he talks to her it's while I'm around....Well she back off...And now we are looking again but we joined some swinger site and they are fun and you could fine cool ppl.....Well good luck and I hope this helps a lil bit...Lat
  • Maybe she wants to do it with two other girls and leave you to watch?

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