• I bumped into an old school friend at JFK airport. We are both from London. That is the furthest away.
  • Good question. As a member of an "older generation", I ran into many old friends from home when I was in the military. It was strange, really. I met some in strange places. In Vietnam, in Thailand, in Japan. I met some in airports all over the U.S. They were on their way somewhere and so was I. Maybe we had only a few minutes to talk, but it was a unique time.
  • Once upon a time, when I was about thirty or so and was on my way home to Indiana from South Carolina where I was stationed in Charleston Naval Base, I was driving straight through the night. I had a ham radio in my car at that time...which I kept on CB channel 19 to listen to the truckers (the best radar detector you can have). Somewhere after Nashville, while I was headed up through Kentucky, I got to talking to a trucker...being that it was after midnight, we were keeping each other awake. Anyway, to make a long story short, after talking a while we both figured out that we were going to the same place: my home town. And he was from there, too, so he asked where abouts I was raised. When I told him, he said "Was that the grey house on the corner?" I told him yes...and it turns out that he remembered me from when I was a little kid, because his brother and family lived in the house on the corner across from us. Yep. It's a small world all right. And the more you travel, the more it seems to be that way!
  • I know that has happened, but I can't remember the circumstances. There is a school of thought which reckons these unlikely meetings are more than coincidences, and that there is a reason you make contact again. We adopted a dog from a local rescue centre (the owner, who I never met, was emigrating) and some years later when we were passing though another county, a lady came up and said how much my dog looked like hers. Anyway, it turned out she was the previous owner, who had just returned to visit family, and was passing though too. We still keep in touch, and doggy lived to nearly 18.
  • we ran into my sister's headtacher when we were at Disneyland Paris x
  • I had a bizarre experience with this. I used to live in the old Panama Canal Zone, down in Central America. Most of us shopped at the government grocery commissary, and I would always see a woman I vaguely knew every Saturday, doing HER grocery shopping. Every two years we were provided with free trips back to the States. One year I decided to visit a friend in Raleigh, N.C. At one point I ran over to a local mall to shop for something or other. Who should I run into, but the same woman from the Canal Zone commissary? Not only that, but I think it was on a Saturday, just as usual!

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