• you don't. You go sit down like an adult and talk things through with them to find out their stance and what is driving their decision. If you decide to just be moody and argue a lot then they will treat you like a child. If you suck it up and go talk with them then they might just have a chat that will reveal the details and make things clear. Only after you ask them to provide input about their decision will you be in a position to share your opinion. The key is acting like an adult in the matter. If you come across as childish then they will treat you like a child.
  • Cal Child Protective Services and ask them to come and get you. They will tell you what steps you need to take.
  • Disturbed, I am so sorry for you that these thoughts cross your mind. I wish you the best of luck honey.
  • Well it all depends do you actually need to be in a foster home or do you just want to be put there for attention, if there isn't a real reason for you to be in foster care then you aren't going to be put there, why waist a spot on an angsty little girl when there are children out there in real need of a foster home.
  • Talk to a teacher at school, pretty sure that they will have to report it on to social services. Might not get what you wish for but at least you should be offered help and support.
  • If you are abused you need to tell someone. A teacher, school counselor, doctor, or walk into the police station and tell them. Any of these will call social services for you. You can call social services yourself. I I knew your state and county I would help you find the contact information. Have you really been abused or are you simply angry with your parents?
  • The criteria for getting into foster care is that your parents have to neglect to provide your essential needs (food, shelter, and protection) or they have been physically, sexually or psychologically traumatizing you. If these things have not happened to you, you could ask your parents to go to family counselling with you and resolve the issues that are making you unhappy. If they have been abusing or neglecting you, you have a good case for children's services who will take you out of that home if you have evidence. As for foster homes, not all are loving and caring places and sometimes you end up with the same problems with them. Do you have a relative's family or grandparents you would feel safe and comfortable with? If so, mention that to Social Services (only). My advice to you is to keep a daily journal about how you are treated and how it makes you feel. Do this for one week and take pictures of any bruising to your body. Keep any evidence of sexual violations (like a sample of sperm from your clothing) and hide it all where noone will not find it. That's the evidence. A school teacher you trust will be able to make the call to child protection if you are being abused. You should not feel unloved or violated by the ones who should protect you so don't give up seeking comfort from people you have learned to trust. I hope this answer will help you make the right choices. Good luck, little one. Remember God loves you so keep in touch with your spirit.
  • Contact a child advocate attorney or social services ... However; you will have to be able to prove neglect and /or abuse to get into a foster care program which often has MUCH neglect and abuse within ints system ... If you do not get along with your parents; are there aother releatives that you can live with .. ? +5
  • If your parents are abusive or neglectful you can call social services or go to the police station and they will contact them for you. Foster care isn't in place for kids who are just ticked off at mom and dad. You can't go to foster care if you are being grounded or having privledges taken etc. There has to be some MAJOR reason for them to place a child in foster care. If you are being abused, contact them, if not, stop being mad at the parents and deal with the rules as they set forth.
  • depends on how only you are, but i say forget your parents and PLEASE stay away from foster care unless you will be living on your own, if your parents cant do the job maybe it time to do it yourself, i did my short story and thoughts are below for you,rememeber my "brotha from anotha" gods got your back, you will know what to do and when, he is with you. I AM A 21 YEAR OLD MAN, WHO GREW UP IN FOSTER CAN IN FLORIDA FROM AGE OF 1 year old, white blond hair blue eyed boy !..I personally lived in the "system" for my entire life until i ran away when i was 16 year old, i lived in 1 really good home that help me become and man, but they where only a family with big heart, no money, nothing to give but bedroom and good principles, they took in thousand of kids only to retire because of all the bad attention and people trashing there name, but i also lived in some of the worst homes out there,homes that made you leave the house at 6am not return until 8pm when it time to go to bed, the worst parts about the system to keep this short are as follows, 1.the people who where "considering adopting" like one kid, it was total joke it was like "rent a kid" then they throw you back to the system when you don't "fit in". 2.all the BS consolers and doctors pushing drugs down your throat if you do have the right attitude towards "the system" and accept there reality. 3.having white children in black home, sound racists im sorry but it was weird being the white kid, im sure it wasnt fun for the black kids trying to explain to kids at school why they live in white home either. 3. people who use blog threads and comment sections to make 3rd party comments, and stats about how bad the system is and talk about the people who come from the system and all the problems they might have or do have, and forget that the internet is forever and there comments will be seen by people from "the system" one day. 4. turning 18 years and no ones gives shit and the system no longer cares, yea it super hard to have NO family support,then the pay check stop, and then Obama passed credit card reform bill that say you have to be 21 before your issued credit unless you have parents co sign!..(ummmm what about the people who want to go to college? what about the 3 year before we hit 21???? me personally amex,visa have been the only parents to ever give me dime, of course at 30%,but now all the young people coming into the system are screwed.) 5. knowing that your simply a stat and test dummie for government that doesnt help anyone, and your only worth $600 dollars a month, until someone decides your no longer worth that much and shift you to another home or location. 6.allowing the school system to inform all your teacher of who you are and problems they might have with you? 7. parents who come back into kids lives after years of separation and think they can do the job better than the parents caring for the child, ( look if you gave up dont come back until you got damn good solution and reason why this happen, not one foster kid need parents to come back and pretend they did it right, or can do it right, if you come back, earn it, work your ass of to make it right even if you never will.most of all dont tell the people taking care of your kids what to do cuz your not the one doing it. I could go on and on, but reality is im not helping by doing this,every kid or person that was every in the system that i meet became my sister or brother, i have lost contact with almost all of them due the shuffling game, some where true rebels without a cause just needed direction, just needed mentor,people who don't get paid to chill with them, but want to, i got lucky, im 21 years old and i attached myself to people who didnt mind mentoring me and my ADD good people who didnt give rats ass about my past which is good cuz it something people want to stand far away from, i understand there alot of good people in the system trying very hard and i tip my hat to you and say please dont give up, but there far more people who are not good and not helping and the government is the first people to look at, again the people are good, the government has its own intention for foster kids, remember we belong to them,we government property, who knows why im not with my parents,but every random soul i did meet who did try make difference, even if they dont know it,i will always remember and so will god...also if your in the system reading this statement know that there are force bigger than this world, meaning GOD brought you to this post, he is watching, stay positive,and find your pride, its deep inside, and when you do, where it like badge of honor, your true solider who made it on your own... and start your own family. "i am watching", "i do listen", and "i just think no one cares" I have story that way to long for this comment box but every one person can make difference, i devote my life to this mission and helping people, i hope one day i can truly make difference in foster system, but only with more people in our community who care about the neighbors.
  • you shouldnt you should be happy that you not into foster care ask someone who knows or go down to the foster care place.
  • Go to your school guidance counselor and tell him/her you need to speak privately. Share those things about your parents that are bothering you, esp any criminal and/or uunhealthy acts.
  • why would u wana go but if you realy do call social sevices and tell them u feel u need an out. if you patrnt have ever abused you then u can get in but if they had never then u cant get it unless you meet surtain criteria. so if you have crazy thoughs wana hurt your family wana hurt friends or hurt your self talk to a social worker. but i ask you for what reason would anybody wana go to foster care.

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