• No I remember Last Time 2000s It Did'nt Happen I Forgot What Happend Because it Was A Long time Ago
  • Some of us might.
  • I suppose we will find out soon enough.
  • about 180,000 people die across the world each day - multiply that figure by 365.25 and you have your answer. The big topic is of course is there any relevance on 21st Dec 2012 and the ending of the Mayan long count also by some the supposed ending of the Jewish a nutshell no! Cosmologically we align ourselves with the Milky way all the time (depending on your frame of reference). The best hypothesis I have come across is one from an astrological journal suggesting that our solar system will pass through on of the spiral arms of gas which could effect climate but all is purely hypothetical! So sleep well!
  • I guess we will have to wait and see.Speculation on either side of this issue proves little.
  • I don't know. Don't care either. Not much I can do about it if I am. Might as well live on.
  • All the stuff will transmute to suckier, round fords to square fords, square fords to neo bubblichous!!! The world will get smaller because nobody wants that...
  • No more than any other year.

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