• Some folks put their own on each question or answer they make. 6/12/18 : )
    • Rick Myres
      BTW when I said they don't always appear it is because it is usually an after thought for me then I edit. It is like when I edit a question and it hardly ever changes. this time is not and after thought 6/13/18
  • I have tried that and they never appeared well not always. Lol
  • No. The closest thing we can do is go to the address line in your browser (I have to click it on my phone to see the end) there is a number at the end. Its the question number. They are sequential this question is 3510954. The numbers were 3499(and 4 other numbers) a year ago April when I first got here. Lower numbers in the 10000000 or before are from the old AB. Hope this helps.
    • Rick Myres
      Do you mean like this? If so I don't see the time. it is 10:16AM on my task bar now.
  • not sure what they are
    • Rick Myres
      A time stamp is when a site like, Yahoo messenger is not available anymore, and chat sites you'll see a time posted. That is called a time stamp.
  • Im new here and the lack of a timestamp has irked me from the beginning. Is there a reason why there are no timestamps? It is such a common thing to have. I have never seen a site without them. I have seen textual time ranges like "3 hours ago" but never anything so vague as these.
    • Rick Myres
      Yepper I agree with you Willy. so I am using my own WHEN I remember to 9:17am 6/22/18

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