• Dry them.
  • Try good old fashioned board games like monopoly etc or let them bake or cook something.
  • Hand them an umbrella and rain shoes and send them outside to go puddle jumping, then have warm dry towels and clothes (stick them in the dryer) and some hot coco waiting for them when they come in. They will be tired out and willing to watch a movie and be quiet fr a few seconds. Sure they might catch a cold, but I bet they will always remember it. And it gives you a few moments of peace. Uggghhh rainy days, the kids go crazy and start climbing the walls. They are made out of rubber and more resilient then we are set them free to play :D
  • - Go to the movies ... or just rent some great DVD's. - Let them do some baking - Have an indoor "picnic"
  • Put on their wellies and mackintoshes and take them to the woods to slide down the mud banks. And when they get tired and are covered in mud, bring them home to a hot bath and a cup of tea and cake and biscuits round a nice warm fire. Or you could just stay in and play monopoly.:)
  • blow up the air mattress in the living room & let them have a jumping/dancing party
  • Hang out with her?
  • Hand them the Wii Controler and Call me.

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