• We dont want to eat just healthy foods, we are weak, LOL.
  • +2 and nothing
  • Take aways are fast foods, and the reason they are unhealthy is because of the way that they are cooked so that they can be cooked quickly. Healthy food isnt easily made so quickly.
  • i don't know, that's a good idea! There must be some psychological reason behind it, or maybe just no one has tried it yet?
  • It's all about making money, and I don't think there's enough people that are willing to eat something healthy, as opposed to a great big helping of good old greasy fish 'n' chips.
  • I don't think it's popular enough to support a busines, hahaha.
  • Doesn't Wendy's Make a healthy Chicken Sandwich?
  • We have places that serve healthy food over here such as zuma
  • Healthy Foods take more time to cook. Besides it's not good business to cater to only one group of people. In the food business more money is to be made if you cater to all types of people not just one type.
  • They are bothered about business."Capitalist economy rotates around consumers and consumers rotate around unhealthy food".So,they are not going to choke up their own profit making business. .
  • Check to see if your local health food store has a cafe.
  • what about subway? any healthier than that and you are asking for a company to restrict themselves to foods which people do not want to buy
  • They have them you just have to look. I have a place called the Amazon Cafe near me
  • There probably are some. But here is my challenge to you: You have the vision! Start one. I will be your customer.
  • There are healthy alternatives to the McDonalds of the world. Someone already mentioned Subway. If you live in the right area, In 'n Out is good. There's also a burger chain called Topz that is very good, though they're few and far between. Places like Chipotle are healthy though the portions are large. In fact, right next to my local Chiptole is a place called Garden Spot or something, which is basically a salad bar where you can either eat there or take it to go.
  • Healthy foods are more expensive, that's all. Lots of healthy foods are only lightly cooked, if at all. But it's hard to compete with a 0.99 greaseburger.
  • I agree with Avallach about Chipotle. Also healthy is Arby's - their sandwiches are freshly made, and I think they're MUCH better than Subway!
  • The fast food market is already established and aggressive. It's been prove that when it comes to eating out, the majority of consumers will go for what they're familiar with, regardless of health, which is why there's so much more advertising for major chains. Second, the foods served at common fast food joints are what most consumers' bodies are used to and crave, and make their food out of things bodies will easily start to crave. It takes a lot of work to reprogram a body's cravings. There's no money in making healthy fast food, and if you bring caring and compassion into a competitive market you'll get chewed up, shat out and have the ashes of your dream pissed on. Still, there's mom n' pop joints that do this. Also, what's your definition of healthy? Mine's just following the Mediterranean food pyramid and getting regular doses of cardio, but some people's will be eating nothing they didn't grow and energize in the sun's cosmic totality or something, and need to cleanse and run 40 miles a day.
  • I'd love to be able to get 'acia' to take away. yum :)

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