• Sunflower seeds:
  • Baby carrots or almonds.
  • anything thats healthy
  • fruit. Its awesome, really, when you think about it. Its the ultimate in natural individually wrapped convenience food! You don't have to cook it, if you eat it within a few days you don't have to refrigerate it, and most of the time you don't even need a drink with it because its so juicy! The wrapper and waste is naturally biodegradable, and the product is a renewable, sustainable source of human energy, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamines and water. Even the vines and trees can be used for makeshift shelter or burned for heat. So elegant and simple yet so complexly intricately perfect! God is AWESOME! And this is just one simple example.
  • Veggies, nuts and grains! I celebrate the potato for its versatility and its role in Irish history. The potato is very nutritious as well and can be healthily prepared. Hmmm maybe I'll make a veggie tray.
  • THanks for the great answers, peeps!

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