• I think it is despicable behaviour and charity work and good looks doesn't change that one iota!
  • People are complicated animals. The "judge not" homily, while too simplistic, points at this a bit. Obviously this is a person who is having trouble finding the light. It doesn't mean that I can sum them up in a single opinion and dispense with the notion that they are still a human being, still worthy of respect and friendship. Same thing applies to me, of course. I can't remember the last time I saw one of my imperfections, but I'm sure they're around here somewhere :)
  • Maybe she is passing the child off as her husband's because she thinks it will make life easier for the child, and she is doing it for the child's benefit. And how do you know that it is not the husband's child anyway? Have you seen a DNA test?
  • Oh......she's pretty? Well, that's different, then. +5
  • Unless a paternity test was performed, there's no way to know if it's the child of the husband or her paramour. SHE probably doesn't even know for sure, unless she and her husband had stopped having sex when she got pregnant. As for my opinion of her... it doesn't really matter, now does it? What matters is her husband's opinion. NOTE: People can cheat, be remorseful, and never cheat again. It's up to the couple to decide whether they can handle the situation. Others can give advice. Others can think they are right or wrong, no matter what they do. It's up to THEM, and THEM ALONE.
  • If a person has made a commitment with another in the bonds of marriage and they walk outside this marriage to be with another for any reason, my opinion about this person is very low. Regardless of looks or acts they will still be as low. No matter how nicely you polish a turd it is still just a turd.
  • No, she's still a vile individual. I'd be sure to out her.
  • My opinion of her really doesn't matter. It is their relationship and between them not me.
  • How would she even know whose child that was (assuming she still has lots of sex with her husband)? I think I'd actually feel for the woman. She is probably going through enough stress worrying about who the father of her child is already. Besides, I think it would be wrong to judge her for that. It's not my business and it's not my marriage.
  • I take it she has not confessed to the affair and now the POS is lying again in not telling the child who its real father is.
  • I think she is disgusting, shallow, and self centered, if she is unsure of who the father is, should have a paternity test, people need to realize their are consequenses for thier actions. I would be pissed if I found out later that wasnt my child. As far as her looks, it isnt a factor, in this answer.
  • My ex-girlfrind from NJ is back in town?
  • She lost my respect! but I would stay out of it as it is not my business! Good deeds do not change your character, and what does pretty have to do with being a liar, a cheat, whate lse is she that you do not know!
  • It would depend on whether she's is "passing the child off" to the husband/child or just to everyone else. If she is being honest with the husband, the father, and the child, then I couldn't care less what they choose to tell others. Those three have a right to know the truth, however. If she is lying to them, then she is a scumbag. Her charity work or prettiness are a separate topic, but they would not in any way erase the wrong she had done.

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