• Just a big ole pile of it.Yeah,it's me.*
  • Heck no that thing is probably worth more than my suburban house! Besides Trailor trash is a hateful term!
  • I don't think that term is being used anymore is it? I don't think a person should be judged by where or what you live in..
  • That's an RV, not the type of trailer that 'trailer trash' refers to. So, no. :)
  • If so, I stand ready to move up to trailer-trash status the moment someone gives me one of those.
  • Only by the petty and the jealous.
  • Nah... Then every rocker, every race-driver, every star in Hollywood would be considered "trailer trash". Besides, A "Winnebago-type" vehicle is not a "trailer" and in some cases, modular or manufactured homes, which are towed in pieces, each of which may look like a trailer, are not "trailers" either, since the wheels are removed and they are put together. "Trailer Trash" is probably why many who live in those single, towable, manufactured housing units prefer "manufactured housing". And, those who go on vacation in a "trailer" are not trailer trash, either. I believe the term "trailer trash" refers to those who live in smaller trailers, maybe in someone's driveway, on a trailer park or even their own property, somewhere.
  • I don't think anyone should be referred to as "trash" regardless of what they are living in. ` It's very, very...EXTREMELY...hard for me to consider anyone trash. ` What does that mean exactly anyway? Does it mean that they are no better than trash or that they should be treated as trash? I'm sorry...I don't get the term at all. Maybe a little clarification? I don't know that it would make the term any gentler or easier to say/consider or not, but...
  • Adventurous-fortunate-free spirited-nomads ;)
  • Trailer chique
  • WOW!!! They could call me what they like. If I had one of those and could afford to run it, I would say I was nearly in heaven.
  • Have you ever been in one? They can cost upwards of a million bucks. Leather, marble, crystal is standard for the Marathon Coach m'dear. They are awesome, spectacular and amazing. They are the platinum of motorhomes. We should be so lucky. Happy Sunday! :)
  • Haha. You would hope not! I actually knew someone who for three years lived in a really, really, crappy trailer in Florida. She had a masters, and was a well paid director of social care for the elderly in her area at the time. More class than most people have in their little fingers too. Shouldn't judge!
  • I happen to live in a 5th wheel RV. No, not as fancy at the coach shown in the video but I don't have $200,000 dollars for one either! I don't consider myself trailer trash either and resent the title. I put it in the same catagory as the other deragatorty names for other races of people; I don't think I need to mention any of them you know what I mean. I live in an RV because the government of this country spends hundreds of billions of dollars on wars and to bail-out businesses that are failing because of poor management. I never retired from some large corporation with a big retirement plan. I saved what I could but that is gone. Why doesn't the government repay the many worthless I.O.U.s they have given the Social Security when they borrowed the funds there to pay for things like the Vietnam war! If SS gave me at least $1000 per month and not take out for Medicare Part B I could do pretty well. You whom are working try living on less than $800 per month and lets see how you live! Most of you could not do it! I resent the term "trailer trash" just as much as the black people don't like being called the "N" word or the other derogatory terms used to call people.
  • Anyone living in a mobile home, trailer or a tent is there home and castle. The name trailer trash probably came from outdated movies. I respect everyone’s home no matter what or how it is built. I know it was just a figure of speech, but to those that use that term must surely have immoral tendencies.
  • I would happily allow anyone to call me what they want if I had that sucker. It meant I also had $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in the bank also!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

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