• I have posted my comment under the iridium answer of yours. Looks like the same troll downrated this question of yours too. I have corrected that with my +5. But you really must not expect a troll to stand up and engage you in a discussion.
  • Got cha. ;D 6+++++
  • +3 to you, and all who answered. i hate trolls.
  • I will also +3 you, its all I can give, hope it helps some :), also +3 to all who answered.
  • It's likely a COAT. There's one who manically downrated me the other day.
  • I give you +3 and reading the beginning of your question reminded me of that Eminem song.
  • +5. I hate trolls.
  • Wow! This is a good way of getting points! Good thinking! Now I have to give you points because if I don't, I'll feel like an a$$hole. Here you go. +3
  • I hope the baby troll realizes that, to give is to recieve. I responded accordingly. +5
  • You do realise that by posting this question, you've just given your troll exactly what it craves, which is A) acknowledgement and B) satisfaction in knowing they have gotten to you. It's best to just ignore them. If you don't react, they get bored and go away.
  • If you are being trolled, it's best to either ignore them or report them, not to ask questions. It tends to stir up the nest, and others who may be trolls or on the edge, may attack you and others. Report them: Go to your feedback page, turn OFF the answers and comments (uncheck them), get a batch of the DRs on one screen (best you can), and take a screen shot. Take more than one, if necessary. Send them to If they find it was one person, they will PB them. If it was multiple people, it's not a "troll". And trolls, remember that while WE can't see who rated us, staff can. They can also compare the IPs and computer information, so they know when you are a sockpuppet. Oh, and if you DO have multiple accounts, if even ONE of them is PBed, you are not to circumvent the PBing with another account, meaning, you are to stay OFF AB for the term. If not, you can be banned.
  • You do not have a Snowballs chance in hell of anyone owning up to a Downrate.

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