• I used to love to play basketball and volleyball. I was also on our "Pony Tail League" softball team.
  • Rugby! :-)
  • My favorites were the two I was best at, softball and swimming. I loved tennis but have never been very good at it. In winter growing up, I ice-skated on the frozen lagoon every weekend day and school night. I enjoyed it immensely but was not good enough at figure skating to compete.
  • Paintball.
  • I liked volleyball, any of the "hitting a ball and then running" sports such as baseball, rounders etc. and football, although I wasn't actually that good at football.
  • That's rather clever that you placed the word, "used". More recently I have been playing tennis and downball/2 square with my youngest son. However, I "used" to love playing Australian footy - especially "end-to-end kick" [Primary-elementary school] I also loved Rebound handball (wall downball) [High school] Back to football & basketball [20's] Back to rebound handball [30's]... Then I also very much enjoyed a team game I invented 10 years ago called, "Grappleball" [49] - it's somewhat more like a 'keepings off' format, but goals at each end.
  • Soccer, swimming, hiking and i was pretty good at baseball.

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