• I don't seem to have a lot of free time these days, but once in a while I like to play "Mahjong" solitaire. There are many versions you can play and it keeps you on the ball as you race the clock.....
    • Linda Joy
      Lol try distinguishing those subtle differences on a screen the size of a driver's license! But thanks for reminding me I want to download that on my laptop if I ever get access! I like it, too! And text twist and shape shifter!
    • Ice man
      I see the "likes" aren't sticking to questions very well, I've done your's and a few others a couple of times so far.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought it was just my phone running annoyingly slow.
  • ive never played a musical instrument
  • Piano
    • Linda Joy
      How often do you play?
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Just when I feel like it, mostly Chopin
  • Chess, Drums
    • Linda Joy
      How often do you play?
    • Roaring
      Chess almost every day, Drums once a month give or take.
    • Linda Joy
      do you play with actual chess pieces almost every day? Do you play online? Solo or in groups?
    • Linda Joy
      poke, poke
  • Oh hell yes I love to toy! Trolling is my thing....y. :P
  • not really
  • Yeah, whenever there is time. I used to play a lot of chess. I could beat all of my friends pretty easily, so I thought I was pretty good at it, ...until I participated in a real chess tournament, and got spanked. I also used to play the guitar professionally (it was my main source of income for about 5 years). As I started to age past my prime, I realized that my earning potential had more to do with image than with ability. I also used to play soccer, since I was pretty good at sprinting and pretty good at kicking and ball control, but nowhere near good enough to make any money doing that, but I did get kicked off of my high school soccer team for showing up the coach's son during practice. The game before, I had scored a hat trick plus two assists on goal, so my ego was a little inflated, and my attitude at the next practice wasn't the best, so I deserved it in a way, but that's not to say that the coach couldn't have done better by having a chat with me or whatever. Anyway, those things were all a lifetime ago.
  • Romance, it is like a fine wine, it takes time. You have to enjoy it slowly. Enjoy the glass, enjoy the aroma, enjoy the taste and the feeling you get from drinking it. Good things shouldn't be rushed.
    • Linda Joy
      I enjoy that game as well, But the anticipation gets me excited! Its a catch 22!
    • Boola Boo
      : )
  • Yes.........Chess.........The Human Voice(or drums)...........

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