• I don't agree with killing for sport.
  • It causes me pain just to see it happen. I abhor it. Even during my dating years I avoided the (many) guys who thought it was funny to try to hit an animal they spotted in the road. It's an utter waste. +5
  • Its wrong to kill for sport. I fully support a hunters right to kill to feed and take care of his family, but to kill for fun is wrong.
  • I does not bother me, I think If the animal Is going to be killed and eaten, then no problem. Hunting animals for a sport Is wrong, since animals should only be killed for food and not for fun.
  • I don't hunt but just about everyone around me, except my youngest son, does. If you are going to kill it, you better eat it.
  • Killing animals for sport is offensive. I do not have any objections to controlled hunting to eat.
  • I would say it more a form of sadism.It is a problem with an inflated egos,and manliness.How manly is it to kill a defenseless animal with a powerful gun.There is many more better sports than this.How can one feel good about killing an endangered majestic animal like a lion and still sleep at nights or ever hold their head up .
    • ReiSan
      Lions are far from defenseless. Some of them kill and eat humans. If you go after a man-eating lion without a powerful rifle, you are insane or stupid.
    • Venus1485
      Jenny is racist against Asians now.
  • Some people do it as a sport and that is OK with me if the animal is used to feed hungry humans. My step-son hunts for sport but the meat is always consumed by his family or others, i.e. Native Americans when it is on the Reservation, etc.
  • i like to do it.
  • I do not agree will killing animals for sport. Kill only if it is intended to be eaten.
  • I dont do it, never have, never will:)
  • I don't see the point and don't like it
  • I find killing animals for nothing but sport very disgusting. I have no problem with killing animals for food and finding pleasure in the hunt.
  • I probably know dozens of hunters that do it to feed their families food that isn't shot-up with obesity causing hormones they give you in th' stores. In my entire life only met two city people who did it just for sport and did not want it or eat it. Plenty of other people ate it for them, though.
  • I hate it, and think it is selfish and cruel.
  • And I hope that includes fishing. It's cruel and unusual slaughter.
  • I can't even fathom calling killing anything a sport! It makes me sick.
  • For sports? I think that's sick. No animal should die because someone thinks it's fun.
  • I think it is horrendous and I cringe when I know about it. I was with a cowboy in his pickup, saw a coyote, and ran over it for no reason. He had to stop his car and I was in terror mode. Never liked him the same. Many hunters in the family and they do not get their picture taken with dead animals. The animal is used for meat and if we can afford it, tanning the leather.
  • Hunting for food is fine. Hunting just to kill or to hang a trophy on your wall is wrong!
  • I hate the thought of it the thought makes me sick.
  • My vote for Shatzee.
  • Killing anything for other then suvival is a waste. Managed Hunting by Game officials is a good thing as it reduces populations of animals that would suffer much harsher ways of dieing.
  • I think it should only be allowed on one condition, you must hunt Salt water crocodiles or Great white sharks armed with a toothpick.
    • Larry Hooten
      Maybe an Arkansas Toothpick, ;)
    • ReiSan
      I think you should do just that very thing.
  • Sport,I have little love for,controlling the population because man has run the predators out and the deer population is growing,needs to be done often.
  • The art of hunting is a sport, or the sport of hunting is an art, however you want to look at it. If you are going to kill the animal, then you need to eat the animal, if you're not going to eat the animal, then shoot it only with a camera, as I have done many times.
  • I suppose a sport is only so if the opponent knows they are playing, especially if the penalty for loosing is death.
  • i think it`s very cruel to kill an animal for should only kill if you are going to eat it.+5
  • I think it stinks. Probably, they are the sort of people that used to pull the wings of flies as kids.
  • i think its disgusting. killing a living creature for the fun of it.....
  • I tend to believe that animals are here for us to use for food, research and pets. To kill or hurt an animal just for 'fun' or "for the hell of it" is just cruel and I don't agree with that. A person who can do that needs to get their head checked.
  • Guns took all the "sport" out of hunting long ago. Finding and killing an animal takes no more effort or knowledge than finding wild berries or wild mushrooms. In fact, the latter actually carries a greater risk of injury than the former, as many species are poisonous to humans. Modern hunting is actually a form of foraging and harvesting. Is this a sport? I suppose the same people who argue Golf is a sport would say so, but I feel if men really wanted hunting to be a sport, they'd be going after bears with nothing but spears and rope, Native American style. Then I'd be impressed.
  • Well, my religion (naturalist) states that all animals should be treated as equally as humans, so I think that that is disgusting. But it's their choice. For me, never.
  • It's cruel and senseless to get any enjoyment or self worth from killing anything, animal or human, even plant-life.
  • It's not for sport. It's so I can cut their head off and hang it on my wall. It's actually for decoration.
  • I typically don't see a probelm with it as long as it's not over hunted that is why game wardens put regulations on animal hunting and can only hunt certain animals in certain seasons of the year with particular weapons. Some people do it for food as well it's cheaper but more work then going to a grocery store and buying meat there.
  • This is only my opinion...but killing for sport to me is useless and the waist of an animal...I know they use terms like population control and other things to justify going out and killing six deers per person per season...I live out in the boonies on dirt roads where there are people hunting all around me...and i cant tell you how many times I have seen the carcus of a deer laying there because it was shot and my opinion if you have no use for the animal other then killing it...its wrong...
  • for sport, never. for food you bet. I have hunted most of my life and always eat what I shoot.
  • Humans have been hunters since they first appeared on this earth. It's only natural to like hunting. Only such extremist nuts as PETA condemn hunting, but they're hypocritical terrorists and con men. No sane person heeds such nuts as PETA.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Quote: "It's only natural to like hunting." What a joke. It doesn't have to be "natural only." People who live in rural areas have been hunting wild animals to protect their premises. It's not that they like hunting. They do it to stay safe.
    • ReiSan
      Jenny is wrong, as always. She hates some people are stalks them. She is a troll who should be banned. I know people in rural areas who do indeed like hunting. Jenny makes a total fool of herself trying to spite people she hates. 99.54% of the people in my homeland are not Christians, and Jenny is a very good reason not to be one.
    • ReiSan
      Jenny is wrong, as always. She hates some people are stalks them. She is a troll who should be banned. I know people in rural areas who do indeed like hunting. Jenny makes a total fool of herself trying to spite people she hates. 99.54% of the people in my homeland are not Christians, and Jenny is a very good reason not to be one.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      ReiSan, quote: "She is a troll who should be banned." ATTENTION ALL ABER'S, it's the other way around. ReiSan picked the wrong fight, and now is unable to get it out of it. Quote: "99.54% of the people in my homeland are not Christians," WTH??? Again, ALL ANSWERBAG MEMBERS, the question in this subject does not have anything to do with Religion. The question in this subject is under: "RECREATION AND SPORTS ? OUTDOOR RECREATION ? HUNTING" ReiSan is an irrational individual who also has terrible grammar and posts duplicate answers and comments.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      ReiSan, if you want me to leave you alone, then stay out of my comments and I will stay out of yours, including your sock puppet accounts. Until then, I am your chatting buddy, so deal with it. :D
    • Venus1485
      Jenny admits here she is a troll and a stalker. What a pitiful hypocrite. Christains aren't supposed to behave like this.
    • Venus1485
      Jenny also admits she has sock puppet accounts. People have a right to comment on anything they like.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      You can't read. This question is not under Religion. And where are my sock puppet accounts?
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      Quote: "People have a right to comment on anything they like." That's exactly what I'm doing, so stop whining.
    • Venus1485
      There's a difference between commenting and insulting and lying.
  • It's called "hunting"
  • i think its mean
  • i think its a really bad reason to kill them
  • It's sick.
  • Just one more sport, wish they add liberal, progressive and democraps
  • If they kill it with their hands its a sport. using lazer scopes is a slaughter.
  • Sport hunting provides much funding for maintaining wilderness areas. I see only good come from it, especially when you eat what you kill.
  • When I was 10 to 12 years old I had my BB guns and dispatched many sparrows learning how to shoot. I received my first 22 rifle when I was 12 years old and my first 20 ga. shotgun at 13. I did actual hunting at that time to put some food on the table. Since I was 13 I have enjoyed hunting but not just for the sport of it but to eat what i shoot. I am opposed to sport hunting where the interest is mainly for trophies and not for meat to eat. In some areas it is necessary to thin the number of animals because they over populate and area and starve and die often spreading disease. This is especially true for deer as they multiply so quickly. In those areas they have special hunting seasons.
  • Hunting animals has always been a part of history to reduce wild animals. I have friends who live out in the country. Usually when it is coyote season, I visit them to help them hunt down wild animals. I have killed some coyotes with my G20 handgun. I sent them to get skinned for their fur. I have a few coyote fur rugs in my walk-in closet and under my desk to lay my boots or my feet on top. I did not enjoy taking their lives nor did I see it as a sport. It is simply mandatory in my friends farm to protect their kids from rabid animals.
    • Ice man
      Those Coyotes you're shooting are pretty scrawny. They are a menace and will destroy a farmers livelihood, but you should come up to Canada where we have them the size of wolves. Forget your "Pea-shooter" though, you're going to have to borrow a real weapon. Oh, and we don't hunt in spandex, it's sexy but the boys won't be distracted when it's daylight. You'll catch more real men after the sun goes down. Oh, and by the way ... good work on Reisan and her other fake identities, keep up the good work , but try not to shit on everybody else, Please !
  • It is fun for some people. It is wrong to demonize it. Humans have been hunting since they evolved.
    • Venus1485
      Humans have been hunting since hey evolved, as ReiSan said, so it's a natural impulse. Jenny, as you judge others ?! Don't tell me Jenny is also a PETA nut!
    • ReiSan
      Jenny needs to learn how to use her brain, is he inde3d has one. She tells insulting lies constantly. Never have I seen someone so full of hate as Jenny. It is fun for my husband and boyfriends, and they are far more civilized than Jenny the Barbarian!
  • When we as a species depended on hunting, it made sense to hone these skills. For those that hunt and make use of the animal perhaps the sport may improve the skills. I assume worthy hunting skills are quick kills minimizing pain, exercise great patience like a bow hunter etc. To conclude, the sport is only justified if it improves practical and humane hunting skills. I personally hunted only once with my father when i was young. Its not for me.
  • It can be lots of fun.
  • It's fun. I grew up on a farm, and I began hunting when I was 5 years old.

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