• It's all about this whole Mayan calandar stuff. It's not true.
  • The Mayan calender that has been predicting future history for over 1000 years ends in 3 years.Also other psychics like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus seem to concur with this date as something big happening this year.What the true meaning is unclear.
  • I'm throwing a party. Wanna come? You BYOB
  • The bad news is, that was announced 3 years ago. Tonight's the last night for this world.
  • A lot of hooey, but if it's right then OH WELL...We're finally off of this forsaken rock. Don't worry though.. there have been untold predictions, but won't it be something if everyone except the cristshuns are proven to be right and them all wrong?? Maybe some giant space ship will come, let us all leave with them then fill us in that they were the "real" gods and we were nothing more than a failed science experiment? Where would the big book of bible fibs be then?
  • It means that 2012 is the end of the way we look at life and 2013 will be the beginning of something new.
  • there are some fairly good examples in the answers above of what the suggested ititnary for the 21st December 2012 could be.......... as they say, no one knows, there is a large amount of conjecture/spectulative suggestion that the galactic alignment concurring with winter solstice and the moving into the age of aquarius, grid patterns changing, human consciousness moving, that change will be inveitable, will it be huge? whi knows, will it be catastrophic? who knows........... we will just have to wait and see ! :)
  • Yes I can invite you, so we can watch the ending together, just tell me how do you see the world will end.
  • It's a continuing prediction that will not end after that ...
  • This world has existed for billions or millions of years and we have had so many predictions come and go but it seems to go on.Even scientists do that every time when they talk of hole in the sky,comet crashing in and so on.But life goes on and we all have the panic button which these guys love to push.You name it the religious to skeptics also do the same and we become suckers!+
  • It's because that's the end of the Mayan calendar. In my opinion, if they were so smart, they'd still be around. Actually their calendar ends but there are no specific predictions about what happens next. Most speculation goes toward a new age. Whether this new age is good or bad, is open to speculation. I'm 62 and have been through several "predicted" ends of the world. I expect we'll have an "end of the world party". We wouldn't want to face the end sober, would we?
  • Sure - not going to happen.
  • Sure. It's all to do with Numbers. The esoteric Jewish Kabbalah is the earliest "western" version of this. It's first recorded instance was in the first century BCE. The ancient Hebrew language had no separate characters for numbers therefore the Torah could be read as both a story of God and the Jewish people or as a series of numbers. Over the years many different races and cultures have dabbled with the "meaning" of numbers and the so-called "power" of them. This applies to Calenders even moreso than other numbers. As certain milestones in various calenders come up, the adherents to those faiths tend to get a little "crazy" and start to claim "the end is nigh!" This has happened several times to various cultures in history. The most recent being the Y2K "End-O-The-World" scare nine years ago (although strict Numerologists stated that the true millenium occured on Jan 1 2001). This latest one has to do with the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (also know as "The Mayan Calender"). This calender is revered because it is the most accurate ever devised by human beings. Our current calender is total crap and loses one day (and a bit) every four years (thus the need for a "Leap" year). That's what happens when you task a bunch of preists in the middle ages to revise your calender. However... the "Mayan" calender only loses a day (almost exactly) every 2000 years. Pretty good for a "primative" tribe... The Mayan calender is so good that many people argue that it proves that Mayans were visted by aliens. Anyway back to the explaination... The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was started back on either the 11th or 13th of August, 3114 BCE and runs for approximately 5,125 years. It will stop on December 21st or 23rd, 2012. There are some who say this means the end of the world. Most scholars agree that what it really means is you just start back at the begining again (kinda like taking down the 2008 calender and putting up the 2009 one). But there is a segment of the population that is so self absorbed that they believe the world has to end in their lifetime and this would be a great time for it. The fact that people have been stating "the world is going to end" in their lifetimes for at least 2000 years, leads me to believe they might be wrong. If I were you, I wouldn't be selling short or running up a huge Visa bill prior to Dec 2012. You will probably regret it. Hope this helps.
  • Not the world. The world SYSTEM. That could happen if a bunch of snipers took out all the bankers/ politicians/ greedy corporate heads around the world at the same time. Like that would ever happen!

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