• Would have been nice if you had told her this before you got married. I don't think playing Monopoly is going to do the trick. If this is actually a real question.
  • Jeez, I really feel sad for your wife. She obviously married you thinking she was getting the whole package. If you married for love only, you not only did you miss the point, but as far as I'm concerned, you're missing the very best and most important benefit of two people becoming one.
  • Wow! You should have married me and my boyfriend of 7 years for that exact reason should marry her! Never thought I would meet anyone who felt that way... ANywho.... Im sorry to tell you this, but even though this part of the marriage is not important to you. It is to her. Since it is so important to her, it may be hard for her to understand that you're just not all that into it and she may take it as rejection or even begin to question your loyalty. Im sorry you're in this predicament and I wish you the best.
  • you need some sex therapy.
  • Noted.
  • im callin bullshit on this question
  • Buy her a glass dildo.
  • why did you even get married if you hate sex?? If shes horny you'll just have to buy her a male prostitute won't you. Or stoop to finger pleasing or oral sex if you can bear it. Sex is the most natural thing on the planet and yet it disgusts you?
  • who says women are supposed to have a low sex drive??? is that in a medical book or something?? someone famous say it??? If you are a man and cant stand having sex with your wife, there may be a problem with your sexual orientation.....I have never heard a man say sex is disgusting....I dont even think Ive heard a gay man say it!! points to ya tho....I guess.
  • You can't satisfy her needs non sexually! i do suggest lots of kissing though!! What do u find disgusting about it? and were you brought up to believe its disgusting?
  • u dont have to have sex try dating her or u can still kiss her make her feel guilty for it evry1 has there limits
  • Seriously?? If you think sex is disgusting maybe you should see someone and talk about things in your past that may be causing these feelings because not only is sex amazing but it is also a very normal natural thing!
  • Haha. How odd. Women really dont have a low sex drive as I see you've found out from your wife. Personally, I dont think you can satisfy her sexual needs non-sexually. I dunno, try something like oral sex if you dont like actual sex or just other things like that but not actual sex. I really think there must be something seriously wrong with you if you think it's disgusting!! I mean, do you 'satisfy' yourself?? Or is that disgusting too!!?
  • Damn. Want to trade?
  • I'm curious like the other answers, why you would get married unless you two had agreed no sex? Then why getting married anyhow. You could date women forever who would enjoy a man being a gentleman and the company. Of course, if it was not going to go any further, they would call a halt. There are sex toys that do a good job, but most women would like that special man very close, all over. Best to you.
  • Later troll...
  • What is it that you find disgusting? The female parts? Just being naked? Don't get all upset over this: You might be gay. I'm not trying to get you upset, I just want to point it out to you, in case you haven't already ruled that out.
  • No, women are not supposed to have a low sex drive. Women, like men, can have high, medium, low and off the planet sex drives. If you hate sex then I am sure your wife must have known before she married you so I am not seeing a problem here. You could always let her find a fuck buddy to do the dirty work for you.
    • Bootsiebaby
      That's hardly appropriate language for a Community Leader to post on here. I like the rest of your answer but I didn't expect the F-word from you.
  • im really sorry to say this but r u gay? i never ever heard a stright man refer to sex with a women (EW)! or say they hate sex, u need to find out what the true meaning of love is, and that when someone loves each other they act in love by making love!!! i can't judge u bc i don't know u but, when i read ur question thats the first thing that came in mind! oh yeah by the way ur wife who is horney, and wants to have sex with her husband is normal. u not wanting to have sex with the women u love is not! plus theres noway u can satisfy ur wife without sex unless ,u buy her adult toys but becareful bc she going to know that something is wrong, with u if u stop having sex with her!
  • Some people just don't like sex - are asexual. But it seems like this might have been something you could have talked about before you made a commitment - one that clearly includes sex.
  • try this: a bowl of horny goat weed, viagra, copious amounts of alcohol get some porn or see a therapist.
  • Well if sex has become a "job" for you then here is one alternative. You can outsource or put more men on the job. And no I am not volunteering for the position. On a more serious note. Lack of a sex drive could be an indication of other more serious health issues. I'm not talking just mental health either. Go to your doctor and get a full check up. You may have abnormally low testostarone (sp?) or some other easily corrected condition.
  • That's sad, and it's so danged common. That's part of the reason that so many people live together before marriage, because they don't want to be trapped in a fundamentally incompatible marriage. Personally I think the choices are limited. Either you do your "job" as husband and work to satisfy her, or you get divorced, or you get really creative with Joey the pool boy paid for services, or some such thing. But it is not fair to her for you to simply ignore her needs. Now as they say, "shit or get off the pot."
  • Frankly I think this question is a load of hooey. Just in case it isn't, I'll say this: If you love your wife, and she wants sex, give her sex, even if you think it's "icky". If you think sex is the "ickyest" thing you'll have to endure as a married man, the you're in for a rocky ride. I have to take issue with your statement that "marriage isn't about sex". No? Name one other activity that two people cannot morally/legally engage in without being married, by any moral and legal standard. There isn't one. The sex act is what actually makes the marriage a marriage, so a marriage without sex (at least once) isn't a marriage.
  • Are you a toyboy by any chance?
    • Bootsiebaby
      Toyboys are usually horny in the extreme, so I very much doubt that is the case here. Lol:)
  • that's a first when dosent a guy want to have sex? always guys are the once that get more horny then women! you have to do your job as a husband or else your marrige is going to go down the drain!
  • Well its a natural instinct to want to have it. Your obviosly missing some sort of something thats making you not want it at all. There is absolutly nothing wrong with your wife but there may be something not right with you. I would go get your hormones checked cause you could have an imballace that causing your lack of disire. They have all sorts of medications you can take to get your hormones functioning proporly and not only would it help your sex drive, but it could also improve other things aswell.
  • Dude, just lay back & think of England...... never thought I'd say that to a fella :)
  • How did you meet her? did you know her before? before you get marry her how long have you been together? That time is she behaved like horny with you? never ever showed any interest on sex or other things?, did you tell her about your ideas, and your personal feelings on her? did u tell her that you just married her for love and not for sex? Did you ask her that what's her feeling about marriage? did you ask her that, is she interested in love or sex? instead of concentrating on sex, why don't you take her some other activities. Or ask her that is she still like to live with you without sex. (I seen some couples, if their husbands, boyfriends, wives or girlfriends are not having sex with them, they'll addict to lie, cheat or having sex with strangers or living in double life). Do you watch Maury or Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos shows?.
  • Question: did you hate it before you were married or before you came to look upon it as a responsibility. Men can just play around with it but for us it is a vital part of our being and sounds like for her it is very much part of her love for you. You clearly don't seem to appreciate her or the fact that many men would give anything to be in your shoes. Are you lazy or what is your problem? Get it together honey and give her what she wants and needs.
  • You obviously married the wrong woman. You should have discussed that before you married her.

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