• Not feeling good..:)
  • Can we postpone,I got a herpes flare up!
  • I have a headache. (useful excuse for a variety of refusals.)
  • my wife won't let me go out tonight :)
  • I'm dead.
  • i've got other plans that cannot be broke, even for you sweet cheeks.
  • "Something suddenly came up." I Believe this was the right episode?
  • you have a baby shower to go to. you have to babysit at the last minute because a friend of the family has an emergency/anniversary. you have to work. you have a job interview. your grandmother needs help around the house. your sibling has a sports game you have to go to. youre sick. youre friend from out of town is visiting. you got into a fight with a loved one and are too sad. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats all i can come up with off the top of my head....
  • Saying, I have too much respect for myself than to let other people see me with you.
    • Boola Boo
      Ouch hahaha
  • Anal glaucoma. I don't see my ass getting out of the house to go on a date with you.
  • "I am sorry but I put out too much money for bills. I am broke, and do not feel comfortable asking you to pay for the evening." Good question. +5
  • I'm busy with your sister. I'm busy with your Mom. We have nothing in common. I don't think there's enough in common for us to continue dating. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries!
  • Sorry but tonight I promised myself to finally alphabetize my spice rack!!
  • I have a heavy washing on.
  • Im gay
  • I have to wash my hair that night.
  • I have to sort my sock drawer. +5
  • I have to clip my cats nails!
  • The Health Department said to wait two weeks. I need to walk my other skanks. I'm getting the tatoo of your mother's face removed from my a$$ that night.
  • I'm washing my hamster's hair
  • Just be real bout it...if you ain't interested let em know then he or she will probably leave alone
  • Here's a nutty Idea. How about just being honest as to why you don't want to go? It will hurt alot less than them finding out you made up a story to avoid telling the truth because you didn't want to hurt their feelings. I am very very very far from being considered hot sexy hunky handsome or even passable for cute and I know it. There have been women that I have asked out in the past who initially said yes then came up with a lame excuse later on to get out of it. I guess because they felt like they were put on the spot at the moment I asked and didn't want to be rude by saying no but then thought better of it later on. I would have appreciated it more if they would have told me I don't want to go out with you because I find you repulsive and you remind me of some creepy looking child molester I once saw on America's most wanted than to lie to me and make up some lame excuse to avoid hurting my feelings. BTW Yes a few women actually did tell me I remind them of some creepy pervert they saw profiled on AMW or on Dateline NBC on those shows they do about men who troll the internet for underage girls to have sex with. I can't help what I look like. God unfortunately stiffed me in the good looks department but for what he didn't give me in looks he more than made up for in kindness, compassion for others and unconditional love.
  • You have a Migraine starting.
  • You just gave you number to another guy three feet in front of my face. Please understand this is why I don't want to see you again. I've had to do this.
  • It is so nice of you to ask however I am engaged and happy in a relationship. Where's my ring? It's on HIS finger. I make him wear it because he is so darn hoTt. I want other women to know he is ma babee. : )
  • Depends on the circumstance. If (s)hes pug ugly then you claim your cousin is cooking your favourite dish tonight.
  • splitting headache got to work late sprained ankle engaged allergies I don't date toothache bad case of gas chronic Diarrhea having a bad hair day I'm a Lesbian I'm gay Bad breath that I can't get rid of. I have head lice Are you ready to settle down and raise a family? .....No? then the what's the point. have to know you for at least a year My mother wants to chaperone, ok with you? My brother would probably beat you up. I have a cold I have the flu my back is killing me I don't have a baby sitter for my kid.
  • A good excuse is: "I have to work overtime today, and in the upcoming days. I know I will be completely knackered to be going out on a date. I'm not sure how my work schedule will be next week or the week after next week and so on." 😆

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