• In Boston, living on minimum wage at either amount is just not an option.
  • I think minimum wage should be determined by economic conditions, not by law. It's a step toward socialism. Minimum wage jobs aren't intended to make a living from, they're for people ENTERING the work force, students, etc.
  • I think its a good thing. Right now times are hard, and that extra 50 cents will make at least a minimal improvement with people who are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • In California Minimum Wage has been in excess of $7.00 an hour for a long time. The people who do the work are the ones who make the money for the companies. The workers deserve to earn a living wage. I'm all for it! :)
  • And Big Macs will go to $8.50.
  • I think it's pathetic. Gross $290 per week. I believe no-one should be paid under 17.50 per hour.
  • It should be at least $10 an hour. I read a study that if minimum wage had been tied to productivity it would be over $20 an hour. However, we have way too many people in the labor pool. Supply and demand causes wages to remain low when there is unemployment.
  • Woo. Hoo.
  • I think it's not enough to pay for the basics.
  • Good for the workers.
  • Not really good timing on this. It will drive prices up and people don't have the money to pay them now.
  • Its a crime its still so low. I think the proles should rebel.
  • I think that's way too low. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment which is $450 a month and I live in the cheapest state for renting and living cost. How do they expect a person to make enough for even rent and utilities. add to that food, healthcare, fuel, insurance. God forbid if they have to pay daycare out of that. This is one reason so many working families have to depend on welfare. However just like when other minimum wages changed, costs went up months before the wage and 2x what the wage increase was so workers are no better off. Is there really a way to win?
  • We should get rid of minimum wage so workers can negotiate their own wages!
  • 6-6-2017 Oh, I dunno. What year are we discussing?
  • On the one hand, wages have been stagnant for over 20 years and haven't kept up with inflation. People are right to be frustrated - $7.25/hr is very tough to live on. On the other hand, the real minimum wage is $0.00 - Forcing employers to up their labor costs comes with unintended consequences such as more part-time vs. full-time positions, lay offs, and even closure of the business. In that case, everybody is out of a job.
  • $7.25 an hour was what I was making in auto body shop before I got disabled with an injury in 1993. I miss that work. I had a favorite thing to say too. "You wreck em we fix em" . Lol
  • In the last 50 years prices have increased tremendously, All salaries, and hourly wages have not kept pace. I believe that as prices increase a persons income should increase the same percentage on a yearly basis, and it should be a law. As it stands now, employers pay as little as they can get away with. At the very least an income should remain level with price increase.
  • It'll just raise inflation and some people's Food Stamps will be lowered because of their increased pay.
  • Im against it. Its not the business or company paying the increased wages. Its the customets of the company. Everytime minimum wages go up so do the prices they charge. Its the customers paying its not the business earning less profits
  • You want fries with that?
  • 3/29/18 Way too low for a living wage in today's world then and now. I am all for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour as a start.
  • The economy of the US, historically, has been strongest when low skill jobs have been paid the highest compared to management jobs. Rich people think THEY will get richer if they pay people the least they can pay them. In reality they get substantially richer when the economy benefits EVERYONE, including low skilled jobs because there is more money available

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