• I don't know the kind of relationship that you have with your husband, but based on just what you've said, I think you should take the job against his wishes. Look, millions of people around the world are out of work, lots of companies are shutting down and some people can't even afford to have three meals a day. In these trying times, many people would kill to take that job. Grab it while you still can.
  • I would have one last sit-down with your hubby. If he can't provide you with a legitimate reason why it's bad idea, you should tell him that you're taking the job. I'd also be reminding him that marriage is a partnership not a dictatorship. If no legit reason (i.e. it's a front for a drug ring or some such) then go for it.
  • It's time for an ultimatum, coached in "I language." "I don't want to see the utilities cut off, because I will feel ashamed and be uncomfortable. So either we fully discuss your reservations about me going back to work, or I go back to work. What do you choose?"
  • Some great advice here Snakelover, hope you listen to it. Good luck :)
  • As long as he's got the papers that say you're his slave, then I guess you gotta do what he says. Too bad you don't live in the USA, where slavery has been outlawed for nearly 150 years.
  • yes take the job for now

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