• I don't see why not, although I don't know how to do this.
  • Yep. Drink a whole bottle of vodka before you go to bed and you'll see that spirit invoked in your dreams...and your bed...and your carpet...and yourself
  • Wouldn't it be easier to have a coctail before you hit the hay
  • My aunt is a medium and she says to just ask the person to come to you in a dream. If they are able, they will. She also said to leave a blank piece of paper and pen somewhere out of the way, and check it periodically for any strange writing. She told me to bring it to her if I couldn't read it, and she would try. Very interesting. My paper and pen kept migrating to different places in the house, but was always blank still. My son had a period where he had lucid dreams each night. Some were scary though, and he was pretty freaked out. Once he mastered them though, he loved it, coz he could do whatever he wanted, like fly, walk through walls, etc. And, he got to visit his older brother in those dreams too. Something he still holds very dear to him, coz he said it was so real that it was like when his brother was alive, and just hanging out with him. The dreams only lasted a few months though, then they suddenly stopped.

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