• what !!! do you mean useing a POGO whilst walking on stilts,,,,my god you narthan lasses were good,,,,,hehe
  • I was great on a pogo stick, but stilts were beyond my ability to balance.
  • Damn, I used to pogo for minutes on end. Those were the days!!!
  • Stilts were pretty easy ( and finding a pair a few years back I found they still are :)). Never tried a pogo stick.
  • elf n safety is what we Brits called Health and Safety. Our country seems to have gone completely mad over Health & Safety Issues. They have banned such innocent things in some schools like playing conkers (unless you wear googles) and more recently, skipping ropes in a couple of schools as they could be used as weapons! They have to do a risk assessment on just about everything now. The U.K. has gone completely and utterly bonkers. I kid you not. My son (11) came home last week and was told they are not allowed to play football in the playground as some of the smaller children could get hurt. The 'football' btw is a tennis ball (not allowed a real football). Plus, they were not allowed to use the field to play said football. A lot of parents naturally complained and now they ARE allowed to use the field. Mad I tell you mad. And, thanks for listening1 :)

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