• Brush with the law? Mrs Cleaver, I do not have brushes with the law. I am usually the one calling 911 when criminals break into my house.
  • When I got pulled over for speeding. I made sure not to mention the drugs and dead body in the trunk! LOL
  • For drinking alcohol outside on the way to a club ;)
  • Driving with neon light under my car ! Only had a warning though , i switched it off then drove a few blocks and punched that sucker back on lol +2
  • I don't know if this counts, but a guy hit the back of my vehicle and I called the police! Other than that, a speeding ticket.
  • A speeding ticket in 2003.
  • Ooooohhh! you dont want to know MC1:)
  • A car accident around 1992.
  • That would be when I made fun of the State Trooper for wearing high waters..........
  • Oh that would be last thursday when a pair of policemen knocked on my front door and explained that a neighbor was concerned about how fast a vehicle that is parked in my driveway has been driving in the neighborhood, and how the behavior 'has to stop.' Note that the neighbor that complained was the same one that was shooting off fireworks illegally all night on the 4th (but he is a state trooper).
  • Speeding ticket....2002
  • I do not recall haveing any "Brushs with the law". Although I once tripped in the mall and slammed my head on a table and mall cop came over to see if I was alright. Does that count?
  • Not so long ago, I was painting the local Police station __P________________?
  • I reported a possible instance of ID theft and fraud last summer. Since then, none. I avoid run-ins with the law....
  • Ive never had a brush with the law in my life.... never.... NEVER I TELLS YA NEVERRRR!!!!! that wasnt me. you cant prove i did it. you didnt see anything.... it never happened
  • Tenant called police on me when I entered to perform scheduled inspection. (I knocked, rang bell, called and they didn't answer even though they were inside!) I wish they would write up these people for false police report.
  • When the car behind me tried to close the gap between our cars to a negative distance.
  • Using a cell phone whilst driving. 2 months ago...$90 and 3 points on my licence....(10 is instant 12 month ban!...)
  • Being the nephew of a California Highway Patrol Sargent has its interesting moments... I got 3 stories though... I can tell all three or you can choose which one you'd like to read Mrs. Cleaver... They are... 1. Getting Suspended... 2. Truancy... 3. Grooming...
  • Grooming... My brothers and I took it upon ourselves to take advantage of our sleeping uncle... While he is out on patrol for long hours he would stop by the house to take a nap on his break... My brothers and I decided he needed to re-style his hair... After a lot of gel, combing, brushing, and a little food coloring he was ready to go... Of course he slept through the whole thing and left the house before he realized what we did... Of course my mother (his younger sister) said nothing...
  • Truancy... The high school I went to gets out a month before the traditional public schools... My friends and I decided to go and check out some stores during the school day just because we had graduated from high school and everyone else is still in school... One of the places we went was Toys 'R Us... Our group got all split up... While in the store, the manager called the district Truancy police and they came and picked me up, my friends, who looked their age while I still looked 12 maybe 13 were no where to be found... Despite repetitive protests to everyone and trying to reassure them that I had just graduated from high school no one believed me... The officer drove me to the Jr. High right behind the store... Took me into the main office and asked the lady, "Do you know this kid?" The lady replied that she did. The officer said that he picked me up down at Toys 'R' Us and that he was going to leave me there... The officer leaves... I turn and asked the secretary why she didn't say that I didn't go to school there... "She didn't ask that did she?" she smiled... I had worked in the office during my 8th grade year, I knew there was no winning with this lady... She did give me a ride home at lunch though...
  • Getting Suspended... Let us go back to 7th grade (at the same Jr. High as mentioned in the other story about Truancy)... Because of my math skills I got placed in the 8th grade math class, which was during 7th grade lunch... Which meant I had to eat lunch with the 8th graders... I always have been a nerd, am a nerd and will always be a nerd (Can you tell I am proud of it? -- )... Anyway, it is only a matter of time that it got around to the 8th grade bullies that a 7th grade nerd was eating lunch with them... All year long I got picked on at lunch... Then the day came where there was some bad things happening at home, a friend died, life was just too much, then came the bully... He may knew who hit him, but he never saw it comming... He placed one hand on my shoulder, that next thing I knew my fist was under his jaw moving up... He went down... The room was silent... It wasn't the bully... The principal had brought the bully over to apologize to me, but I didn't give him a chance... I went straight to the office, and the principal said that I had to be suspended, although he understood why I did it... Knowing that I am not a threat to society he sent me to my next class and told me that he was calling my mother to pick me up... It was P.E. class when two uniformed police officers came down to the field pulled out their handcuffs, knocked me to the ground, and placed me under arrest... I was bawling my eyes out... They tossed me into the back of squad car and took me to the police station... And standing there, outside the station was my uncle and my mother... "I hope you learned the lesson." Was all my mother said on the subject. My uncle later said to me, "At least the other guy went down, otherwise I would have been disappointed..."
  • My daughter lost her kids when she defended herself against her 'boyfriend'. F*in' liar reported her to CPS, and they BELIEVED him! At least she almost has them back now.

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